GoldenSports.Net talks to Spencer Tollackson

Spencer Tollackson of Chaska (MN) High, who signed with the Gophers in the early signing period, is having an excellent senior season. He is averaging 21.3 points and 10.1 rebounds per game as the Hawks are 15-1, ranked #1 in Class AAAA. GoldenSports.Net got a chance to catch-up with the Gopher recruit after scoring 16 points in an easy 81-51 win over Lakeville Friday night.

How would you characterize your team's play so far?


"I think that it has been really good so far. We have really improved our defense a whole lot this year. We've been so tough on the boards and our guys have been hitting our open shots. We did not have much going inside tonight, but we kicked it out to our guards the whole time and they were just nailing their shots. It was a good thing to see."


You lost the season opener at home against Hopkins. You got a chance for revenge in the Joe Hutton Classic, beating them in the championship. How gratifying was that?


"It is always good to avenge a loss. A lot of my friends are on that team. We know each other pretty well and we have a pretty good rivalry going on." 


You have yet to face Burnsville, your top rival in the conference, but will see them twice in the near future.


"We are looking forward to it. We are just trying to stay focused on the next game, though. We have created a rhythm and we've won 15 in a row. But we are looking forward to it."


How have you felt about your individual play, and what things do you need to improve on?


"I think that I need to get more physical. That is something I'm going to have to do next year. I need a lot more work on my free throws. You saw me miss like four in a row tonight, but I think that once I get a good stroke and get in the gym and starting making a few, that will help."


Is it frustrating at times, like tonight, when the other team is trying to be physical with you and yet you got a couple of cheap foul calls against you?


"It's kind of frustrating when we are out there on offense and I'm in the post and there are two or three guys all over me. It's a little frustrating, but we got the win and won by 30. I just kicked it out and the guys made the shots. Points don't really matter to me as long as we are winning. We are on such a great roll."


What do you think about the Gophers' struggles this season?


"I don't necessary think that they are struggling. They are just losing the close games. They've got a lot of guys they recruited for next year that can help turn things around for them. I know it is going to happen. I really do."


What about all the talk about head coach Dan Monson being in trouble? Does that concern you?


"It does not really concern me. He is not the one playing. I've been to a couple of practices this year and they run great practices. He's not the one on the floor. No offense to the guys, but they have to step it up. I don't think that you can blame it all on the coaches."


What do you think your role will be next season?


"It depends. If I'm good enough to help the team, I think I'll play. If not, I'll just have to wait my turn. But, I think that I'll be OK to play next year. I hope so."


Gopher fans are hoping that the strong inside player can give Minnesota some needed toughness and inside scoring next year .  





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