Foley LB has caught Gophers' eye

Foley, Minn., might not seem like a hotbed of Division I talent, but it's already sent one defensive starter to a Big Ten school in the last decade, and might have two more on the way.

Two Foley juniors are attracting attention from D-I coaches – offensive tackle Paul Backowski and LB/TE Noah Dombrovski. We'll take a look at Backowski later; let's see what Dombrovski's all about.

At 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, the rangy Dombrovski has some room to grow, and is already putting on weight since he joined the Foley varsity. He played wide receiver and safety as a sophomore, then moved to linebacker and tight end as a junior.

"He's the perfect athlete to bring his skills down to the line of scrimmage," said Foley coach Larry Herm. "He's got abilities that will be beneficial (at tight end). He catches the ball pretty good."

This winter, Dombrovski is playing basketball, and all that running is keeping him from adding bulk that will undoubtedly help him in college football. "They can tack on some weight yet," said Herm, who coached Foley native and Northwestern DE Conrad Emmerich in the mid-90s.

"You have to look at what these kids are going to look like at age 20 or 21 when they're going to be playing," he continued. "Conrad left here at 215-225, and when he came back as a senior he was 275 playing with his hand in the grass as a defensive end. It's pretty amazing what can happen to young men when they specialize in one thing."

Dombrovski said the Gophers and Iowa have expressed the most interest so far, and he's intrigued by both schools.

"I'm just looking to see what the atmosphere is like and if the coach is easy to talk to," he said of his visits. "Since I'm from a small town I would like to go to a bigger school to meet more people than I'm used to."

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