Frozen in time: Pam Borton

Gopher women's basketball coach Pam Borton said one image from the Mideast Regional final against Duke will stick with her for the rest of her life.

Of course, if you've ever had a bucket of ice water dumped over your head, you'd know what she means.

"The most vivid memory has to be the bucket of water dumped on my head," Borton said in a press conference Wednesday, a day after her team upset No. 1 Duke 82-75 in the regional final at Norfolk, Va. "I'll never forget that. That was pretty awesome."

Borton told her team before the game they could douse her if they beat Duke, and after the initial shock wore off, center Janel McCarville hogtied Borton in the runway leading to the court, where she was doused by her cheering players.

Moments like that are what Borton is hoping her team will hang onto long after the basketball is over and done.

"I've told them to enjoy every moment, to look around and take it all in," Borton said. "Sometimes it flies by you if you don't stop and smell the roses."

Borton said her team's preparation for their national semifinal game against two-time defending NCAA champion Connecticut will be similar to the process they went through against Duke and No. 3 Boston College, Borton's former team, whom the Gophers beat in the regional semifinals.

"I've got a very good feel for their personnel, being in the Big East for five years," Borton said. "I know (UConn coach) Geno Auriemma's style and personality, and UConn's on TV a lot so we get to see them play.

"Just like Duke, they might feel like they have the edge because they're a regular at the Final Four, but we've got nothing to lose. We're not satisfied just geting here."

If Borton and her coaching staff have their way, the Gophers won't be intimidated by UConn's impressive resume.

"Before we played Duke, we talked about that name on the jersey," Borton said. "It's still five players playing against five players. If we trust each other, we know we can play with anybody."

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