Eubanks Picks Up Another Big Offer

St. Paul, Minn. native Rafael Eubanks has become a national recruit. The 6-3, 285-pound offensive guard/center prospect has a long list of offers already, and just picked up another offer from a top school. We spoke with Eubanks to get the latest on his recruitment.

Rafael Eubanks has been busy with fall camp this past week.

"We've been in two-a-days this week," Eubanks said. "We're just getting started. It's good to get back out there again. I'm getting excited for September 3rd. That is our first game."

Cretin Derham high school has always been a top program in the state of Minnesota and this year should be no different.

"We have nine starters back on offense," Eubanks said. "Our defense is where some people think we'll struggle. We've got some really talented players on defense so I think they'll do well."

Despite being busy during fall camp, Eubanks says his recruitment has picked up again.

"I just got an offer from Tennessee today," Eubanks said. "That was very exciting. I had no prior mail from them so it was surprising to see it laying there.

"They're a top program every year. Their fans love football down there. That was pretty exciting to get an offer from them."

Besides Tennessee, Notre Dame could be jumping in the race soon.

"I got an e-mail from Greg Mattison," Eubanks said. "He wanted me to call him so I did. He told me that after a couple of weeks of fall camp, they've been rethinking if they want to recruit a guard or center.

"They told me after their camp that I was their No. 1 target at guard or center. Coach Mattison told me that they have a recruiting meeting on Wednesday and there's a very good chance I could get an offer pretty quick."

The Irish have long been high on Eubanks list, but he says he'll be waiting to make his official visits before deciding.

"I want to take my official visits," Eubanks said. "There are a lot of schools that I've never seen. I want to take my time and visit some other schools. I don't think I'll be commit any time soon."

Eubanks says he'll likely take his official visits after his senior season.

"I don't think I'll take too many during the season," Eubanks said of his official visits. "I might be able to squeeze one or two in. We often practice on Saturday mornings so I'm not sure I take any visits during the season. I'd like to go to see some games, but I don't think I can miss practice for that."

Eubanks said he had a list of his top schools already, but with the Tennessee offer, he'll likely have to reconsider.

"My top schools are Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Stanford, Miami and Maryland," Eubanks said. "I narrowed it down to those seven. I'm only listing those schools that have offered me because they are really my only options at this point.

"With the Tennessee offer, that might change because I've now got to consider them. If Notre Dame offered, that would obviously change as well."

Comments: If the Irish do offer Eubanks, we expect Notre Dame to be near the top of his list. We've heard that he's an outstanding football player who could have as much potential as former Cretin Derham alumnus and Irish player, Ryan Harris. We'll keep an eye on Eubanks to see if he picks up an Irish offer.

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