Bain Setting Visit With Minnesota

<b>Ryan Bain</b>, a 6-foot-2, 268-pound linebacker from Bolingbrook, Illinois has over 30 scholarship offers. Bain recently took his first official visit to Purdue and he set up three more official visits. Bain was recently selected by and the U.S. Army to play in January's All-American Bowl game in San Antonio.

"Purdue was cool," Bain said. "I liked my visit a lot but I didn't commit or anything like that.

"I have official visits set up with Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa right now. My last visit is up in the air. It could be UCLA, Ohio State, Nebraska or Michigan State.

"My Wisconsin official visit will be November 6th when they play Minnesota. I think my Minnesota visit will be a week or two after my Wisconsin visit. I'm not sure on the date yet. I have my Iowa visit set up for December 10th.

"I still don't have a leader. I visited Purdue and I like them but I don't have anything to compare it to yet."

Ryan Bain has had a very good year. He's averaged about 10 tackles a game and he's the defensive leader for head coach John Ivlow's Raiders.

The fact that Bain weighed in at 268 pounds on his Purdue visit further solidifies our belief that he'll be a defensive tackle at the next level and he's going to be a very good one at that.

Bain is one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the state of Illinois and he has very little body fat. He's extremely strong and he knows how to use leverage. Ryan Bain is going to be force on the defensive line at the next level.

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