Inside The Frozen Four Locker Room

Read comments from Barry Tallackson, Gino Guyer and Kellen Briggs on their 4-2 semifinal loss to North Dakota in the NCAA Frozen Four tournament.

Barry Tallackson, senior right wing
On the loss to North Dakota Thursday
"This is definitely a tough loss. I think with about three seconds to go in the game it really hit us that our season was over. After a couple of weeks, I am sure we will look back on this team and realize that we really had something special, but right now this loss is pretty tough to take."

On the two goals in the third period
"After we scored that second power play goal in the third period, I think we thought as if we had a chance. Tonight, we just could not capitalize on our opportunities and sometimes that happens."

Gino Guyer, junior center
On the progression of the team
"I think a lot of people wrote us off at the beginning of the season, but I think we really grew a lot together as a team a proved some people wrong this year. As a team, I think we have a lot to be proud of this season."

On the departure of the seniors
"This team really grew a lot throughout the season and as a family. It will be tough to lose the seniors because they are such a great group of guys."

Kellen Briggs, sophomore goaltender
On the loss to North Dakota Thursday
"Whenever you do not win your last game of the season it always leaves you with an empty feeling. We just have to learn from our mistakes and come back strong next year."

On the team's mindset in the third period
"Up until the buzzer, you still think you have a chance. If any team can pop in a few goals in a short amount of time it would be this one. It just did not happen tonight."

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