Everette Pedescleaux Ready For Season

Everette Pedescleaux, a talented two-sport athlete from Plymouth (MN) Robbinsdale Armstrong, signed a football scholarship with Minnesota with the intention to play basketball. Unfortunately, he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee during a high school All-Star game. Due to the injury, Pedescleaux did not enroll full-time until January, but he is ready to contribute this season. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Pedescleaux to find the latest on playing a new position and hopes to play hoops.

Everette Pedescleaux had been projected as a pass-rushing defensive end, but played at defensive tackle during the Gophers spring football game on Saturday.

How does it feel to be back on the field? I know that you are a competitive kid, so it must have been tough to be on the sideline.

"It feels good. It feels good to be back on the field. You come out and think things are going to be the same, but you are at a different level. Things are much faster and much harder. You just got to work harder."

You played mostly inside after being projected as a nice pass-rushing defensive end. Is that the plan now?

"I came in thinking I was going to play D-end. I got hurt and gained a little weight, so they (the coaches) realized that in three years, you'll probably be up to 290, so we will move you inside and start to see how you do."

You look good body-wise. You are listed at 240, which was your high school weight. What are you at weight-wise?

"I'm about 265."

What types of things have you been doing in the gym and in the weight room?

"I've been doing the workouts that the coaches have been telling us to do. They say to "work hard in the weight room, work hard on the field and work hard in school." I''m starting to feel how the college level is."

Is basketball still in the mix or is that going to be tough to do?

"I've talked to the basketball coaches about my workouts, so we'll see how that goes. I talked to Coach Mason and he said it was cool as far as basketball after spring practice is over."

Is that something you are looking forward to doing, playing both sports? It is going to be tough, especially if are playing in a bowl game in late December or January.

"It is going to be tough. But if you have your mind set on it, you can accomplish anything you want."

I saw you at a few basketball games this season. Did you follow the basketball team pretty closely this season?

"I probably went to about half of the games."

Where you surprised at how well they did? A lot of people did not think that they would do that well, but they made the NCAA tournament.

"They work hard. Hard work pays off in the end. All their hard work that they did in the summer paid off."

Have you had a chance to look at them and look at you and how you might contribute. They are a smallish team and could use help rebounding. Is that something you think that you could add to the team?

"I think that I could be a big threat in there. I'm a big body and can rebound and stuff like that. We lost (Jeff) Hagen, so they need more big people in the middle. Coach asked me if I was serious about it. They were not going to recruit any more players. I told him I was serious and wanted to do it."

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