Spencer Tollackson Ready for a Big Sophomore Year

Minnesota Gopher fans were pleasantly surprised with the team's 21-11 mark last season, which included a return to the NCAA Tournament. Those fans are optimistic about the upcoming season with starters Vincent Grier and Dan Coleman hoping to improve on their first-year numbers along with the return of Maurice Hargrow and Adam Boone. However, as important as the performance of the perimeter players will be, most fans know that the play of Spencer Tollackson could be key to the team's success.

Spencer Tollackson averaged 3.2 points, 2.1 rebounds per game in 12.9 minutes of play as he played in all 32 games as a freshman. With the loss of starting center Jeff Hagen, who led the Big Ten in blocked shots, Tollackson and redshirt freshman Jonathan Williams are the lone true big men on the team.

Tollackson is playing in the Howard Pulley summer league and GoldenSports.Net recently cuaght up with him.

What type of things are you working on during the offseason?
"It sure did not show tonight, but I've been working on my jump shot. It was in and out tonight, but I've been shooting 100 jumpers a day, trying to work on my hook shot a little. But it was not falling tonight, so I had to revert to my turn-around jumper. Just that and trying to get my 15-foot jump shot going."
How about spending time in the weight room?
"I'm in the weight room four days a week, working really hard. I've already put on about five pounds of muscle. I've actually lost weight, but put on muscle weight. I currently weigh 264 pounds. I'm trying to get a lot stronger this summer."
How about baseball. How is that going?
"I'm planning on playing for my town team. My dad is planning on buying me a car, so I can drive back and forth. I plan on pitching and trying to get my arm back into shape for next year."
Do you plan on playing baseball next year?
"Yes. I plan on playing both basketball and baseball next season."

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