Cole Aldrich Talks Recruitment

Cole Aldrich, a 6-11 junior center from Bloomington (MN) Jefferson who is ranked the No. 8 player in the Class of 2007 by, worked out in front of North Carolina head coach Roy Williams in an open gym Monday. caught up with the talented big man to find out the latest on his recruitment.

Cole Aldrich averaged 13.5 points this past season as the Jaguars finished 9-15. He had averaged 12.0 points and 8.6 rebounds as a freshman, when Jefferson finished 12-13.

Aldrich recently narrowed his list of schools to three as he is considering Minnesota, Kansas and North Carolina.

Aldrich attended the NBA Players' Association Camp and Reebok ABCD camp this summer and played with the Minnesota Magic AAU team this spring and summer. The Magic won the Kingwood classic 16-and-under championship in April.

Aldrich wears the #45, due to following Minnesota center Randy Breuer, who wore that number for the Gophers in the 1980s and has been a mentor to Aldrich since grade school.

You recently cut your list of schools to three. Was there a reason that you decide to do that so early?
"It was just getting to the point that so many people were calling every day. Like 10 or 15 calls a day. It was just killing me, because once school started, I knew that I had to get my homework done. School is first. So, we figure that if we are narrowed our choices down that it would be a lot easier on us. They can only call once a month, so that would be three calls instead of 15 calls a day. That was probably the main reason. We felt that the three schools that we narrowed it down to were the best options for me."
What is your schedule for the rest of the month? I know that you are going to Kansas for Midnight Madness.
"We are going to Late Night there and then we are going to try to get out to North Carolina for an official. We may go down to the "U" to play a little open gym with the guys."
Are you planning an official visit to the "U"? Or do you feel that you know enough about that you don't need to take an official?
"I probably will, just to get down there and hang out with everybody, instead of just going down there for a day. You can be down there for two straight days and a half of a day on Friday if I go down there."
I saw you a few weeks ago at the Minnesota football game, wearing a Gopher jersey and sitting with head coach Dan Monson. Was that something that you enjoyed as well?
"Yes. It is always a fun time going to the Gopher games. Kind of a tough loss this last week, but they are doing really well and that makes it even funner."
How about your expectations for this year. I know that you have worked hard on your game. I saw you play at the Pacesetter and it looks like your team should be better this season than the past two years? What are your expectations?
"Hopefully we can get everything together and make a run at something. I know that he have Hopkins in the Sections and we have got to beat them to get to state, and that is going to be hard. So if we do that, it is definitely going to be a fun season. I think that we can make a lot happen."
How about open gyms? I know that you have several players like Steve Wheeler and others who are football kids. It makes it harder for you all to get together and play.
"Oh yeah. We are just scrounging guys up right now and getting a little game going and having a little fun, getting to know each other a little more. Once football ends, which is right about at basketball tryouts, it will be hard. But we have fall league and we get a few guys over there too."
How about a time frame for your decision? Do you have a set period  when you want to make a decision. Before the summer or even before the season?
"I'm not really sure. It could be tomorrow or a year from now. I'm not really sure. When I feel the time is right and the school of my choice is right, then I'm definitely not going to hold it back."
How about next summer? Have you thought about you are going to play at, what tournaments?
"I think that we are going to do the main tournaments that we did this year and add a California one. We're going to go out to Bob Gibbons and the Rumble in the Bronx."
Are you going to play for the Minnesota Magic again this season?
"Yes. I will also attend the Rebook (ABCD) Camp."

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