Nolan Brewster Talks about His Recruitment

Junior strong safety Nolan Brewster from Denver (CO) Mullen, figures to hear plenty of recruiting efforts from Minnesota with his father Tim being named head coach Wednesday. Brewster had 133 tackles and two interceptions and he was named first-team all-conference and second team all-state. GoldenSports.Net caught with Nolan after the press conference and talked to the 6-foot-2, 195 pounder.

Nolan Bewster comes from a football family. His dad, the new Minnesota head coach, played at Illinois. Older brother Eric is a redshirt sophomore wide receiver at Northern Arizona and Clint, a senior quarterback, has committed to Illinois for next season. Nolan is also an excellent student with a 3.2 GPA.

"My dad is going to recruit me and we'll see what happens there. There is no pressure to go to Minnesota or anything like that. It's going to be fun."


What are you talking about no pressure? Your dad is the master recruiter, if he can't get you to play for him then.


"He just wants me to go where I want to go and not just because he is the coach for Minnesota. It is going to be interesting to see what he does with me and it is going to be fun."


How much conversation has there been about that the last day or so?


"Not very much. Not as much as people would think. That is the big topic right now. Am I going to go to Illinois? Is Clint going to de-commit? Really, there has not been that much talk about it. He's just been really good about it."


What have the last couple of days been like?


Unbelievable. Fun, but really hectic. But, it has just really been a fun process."


Didn't anyone say, "Hey, Dad, couldn't you find a job that wasn't in five below weather


"This is just a great job from him. I think that Minnesota is a place for him right now. Denver is pretty cool, too. It's fine."

What was your record this season?


"We were 13-1 and we lost in the state championship."


 Have you thought about summer football camps yet?


"We'll see. There are some colleges I want to go and check out. If I want to go to their camp, we'll see. That is kind of down the road."


What schools are you hearing from right now?


"Texas. Texas just offered, so they are definitely the top school as of right now. Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, UCLA and Florida."


Who else has offered besides Texas?


"Texas is the only official offer right now. That happened last weekend." (Note: Oregon has since offered Brewster.


What positions are those schools looking at you for?


"Safety. Strong safety."


Do you play on the offensive side right now?


I did not play last year, but this upcoming year, I might play a little receiver, a little running back. We'll see."


I know that this is still so fresh, but are leaning towards staying at Mullen? Or have you talked about that yet?


"I want to finish out my senior year. It would hard to leave during your senior year. Hard to leave, but it is also hard top be without your dad for that long. We'll see. We have not made any decisions yet, so we'll just see what happens."

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