QB Clint Brewster Talks about His Commitment

Clint Brewster, a 6-foot-1, 195-pound quarterback from Denver (CO) Mullen, committed to Illinois in the fall, but Gopher fans are hoping that could change with his father, Tim, being named the new Gopher football head coach. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Clint after the press conference naming his father as head coach.

Clint Brewster led Mullen to a 13-1 mark this season. They were ranked #17 in the country before Columbine upset Mullen 13-10 to win its fourth Class 5A state championship at Invesco Field at Mile High. Brewster finished with 129 yards on 7-of-12 passing with one interception.

Five players from the Mullen offense made Division I-A commitments. Steve Watson is headed to Michigan. Watson's father, also named Steve Watson, is a former Broncos player and current Denver receivers coach where he coached alongside Tim Brewster, the new Minnesota head man. Mullen is coached by long-time Denver Broncos standout wide receiver Dave Logan.

Did you think that your dad would get a head coaching opportunity?


"He had a tight ends title for all of his career. I knew that that could hold him back from a lot of head coaching jobs. But finally someone gave him a chance. He is going to be great."


Did you ever think that if my dad got a head coaching job, that that would be some place I would like to go?


"I thought about it. I've been living with him for 18 years and I think that it is time for us to part ways. We're two similar guys and we want to take our own paths. Illinois is the right spot for me."


He made it sounds like he is still going to make a push for you.


"I don't know. He told me that I am welcome here."


He said that you and Nolan and your mother are go to stay there  


"We are not 100% sure yet. I'll definitely stay at Mullen high school for the rest of the year. I don't know if my brother, Nolan, will stay or not. He'll probably stay with my mom and finish up his high school career."


What has this been like for the family the last 24 hours?


"It's been hectic. It's been crazy, but it is really exciting. It has been my dad's dream. We are so excited because we know that he is the answer to this job and he is going to do really good."


When did you commit to Illinois?


"Early in the summer. I think that it was in June."


Illinois had a really good freshman quarterback, Juice Williams, this season. What were your impressions of him and what is your thinking about going against someone who could be a four-year starter?


"I am just looking forward to a chance to come in there and compete. (Illinois head coach) Ron Zook promised me that he would give me a chance to go in there and compete really early. I'm not sure if I am going to redshirt or what not. But the big reason I went there was that he said that he would give me all the opportunities that he can to be the starter."


When did you receive your first recruiting letter?


"My sophomore year from Colorado. I was in San Diego at the time."


This (being recruited) has been a big part of your life. Doesn't everything change now, even though you gave your commitment? The opportunity to play for him. For years that was not a possibility.


"I've thought about it. I'm really fired about the chance to play for Ron Zook at Illinois. I just think that it is the spot for me. I took a look at all the places that I had offers from and they stood out to me. Not because my dad went there or anything. That helped because I knew more about the program and I knew more about the coaching staff and the university. Illinois is just the spot for me.


Is that how they got involved with you recruiting-wise because of your father?


"I sent them my highlight tape after my junior season and they contacted me back after awhile."


What camps did you go to? 


"Washington and Alabama."


Did you hear from any other Big Ten schools besides Illinois


"I actually heard from Minnesota a little bit. It was just letters. I heard from Michigan. I heard from a lot of the Big Ten schools. Michigan. Penn State. The majority of them."





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