Cretin Lineman Darrin Joos Gets Interest

Darrin Joos, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound defensive tackle/offensive guard from St. Paul (MN) Cretin Derham Hall, is continuing the line of outstanding Raider lineman. Joos helped lead Cretin-Derham Hall to a 10-1 mark and runner-up finish in Section 4, Class AAAAA as a junior. GoldenSports.Net recently caught up with Joos to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Darrin Joos is hoping to follow previously outstanding Raider lineman Ned Tavale (Minnesota), Rafael Eubanks (Iowa), and Matt Carufel and Ryan Harris (Notre Dame) to a high Division I school.

Joos recently attended the Minnesota campus along with Raider teammates Shady Salamon, Michael Floyd, Clarence Fraser, John Nance and Joe Schafer.

GoldenSports.Net caught up with Joos to learn about his recruitment.

What schools are you hearing from right now?
"I just went down to Indiana, Illinois and Northern Illinois Junior Days, Purdue and Northwestern. Mainly, I am getting letters from Connecticut and Northwestern sent me a couple of letters again. Purdue sent a couple."
Have you thought about what camps you might attend this summer?
"I decided that I am going to Northwestern, for sure. I was impressed with their school. I am going to go back to Notre Dame. I'm going to Iowa's one-day camp and Northern Illinois is really looking at me hard, so I'll probably go down there too."
You have some former Cretin teammates at some of those schools. Does that help that you know someone at least? Notre Dame has Matt Carufel and Iowa has Rafael Eubanks
"I guess it helps, because when coaches come back they have someone to relate to and can say, "You know 'Rafe.'
Are most schools looking at you at the same position? Or are some schools looking at you at different spots?
"Northwestern wanted me at defensive tackle. They are looking at me there, but Indiana said that if I was going to go there, I'd probably go back to offense, either guard or tackle. Same with Illinois. They said I could probably redshirt my first year at tackle, but switch over to tackle on offense."
Do you have a preference right now?
"Defense, right now. That's just kind of where I like to play. It's just kind of my style." 

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