Saturday Sabes Foundation Invitational Recaps

The Sabes Foundation Basketball Invitational continued pool play Saturday morning and moved onto playoff action in the evening. watched several Minnesota Gopher recruiting prospects in action. The host Howard Pulley Black rolled to its third easy win in pool play and cruised to a 74-37 victory over the RBS All Stars. The following is a look at Saturday's results.

Saturday May 12

Second round

Illinois Warriors 60, All Iowa Attack 55
Dakota Schoolers 90, Minnesota Select 82
KC Pump N Run 58, Howard Pulley White 50
St. Louis Eagles 71, Portland 3 point 52
Playground Warriors 67, RBS All Stars 63
East Troy 63, Team Missouri 54
South Dakota Heat 67, Chicago Demons 58
Howard Pulley Black 70, ECI Elite 45

Third round

KC Pump N Run 67, Chicago Demons 56
ECI Elite 60, Team Missouri 54

Portland 3 point 55, RBS All Stars 53
South Dakota Heat 64, Howard Pulley White 60
Minnesota Select 59, All Iowa Attack 57
St Louis Eagles 50, Playground Warriors 49
Illinois Warriors 55, Dakota Schoolers 42

Howard Pulley Black 76, East Troy Hoops 46


St. Louis Eagles over Team Missouri
Portland 3-Pt over East Troy Hoops
South Dakota Heat over Minnesota Select
Wisconsin Playground over ECI Elite

Illinois Warriors over Howard Pulley White
KC Pump N Run over All Iowa Attack
Howard Pulley Black over RBS All Stars
Dakota Schoolers over Chicago Demons


9:25 AM

St. Louis Eagles vs. Wisconsin Playground
Illinois Warriors vs.  South Dakota Heat
K.C. Pump N Run vs. Dakota Schoolers
Howard Pulley Black vs. Portland 3-Point

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