Adam Weber Named Opening-Day Starter

Reshirt freshman Adam Weber has been named the opening-day starting quarterback for the Minnesota Gopher football team, which faces Bowling Green Saturday night. Weber edged out Tony Mortensen for the starting job, replacing three-year starter Bryan Cupito.

Adam Weber is excited about being named the Minnesota Gophers starting signal caller.

"You feel like you are floating a little," Weber said. "It is a great feeling, but it quickly transitions into the realization that we have to prepare for a game Saturday. There are moments when you are happy and can sit down and enjoy it, but it goes by quickly, because in a couple of minutes, I'll be getting my ankles taped and getting ready."

Weber said that there has been some difficulty in picking up the new offense.

"Coming in out of high school and adjusting to a college style offense is difficult. I struggled with it last year," he said. "As soon as I started getting used to that offense, boom, we had a new one in front of us. I guess that it was a little overwhelming, because they are two different offenses. But, as you slowly chopped away at it and tried to understand little things at a time. I think spring ball, a little too much was thrown at us and we kind of struggled offensively as quarterbacks, but this summer, the quarterbacks, 'Mort' and myself, kind of took the time to slowly adjust to the offense and understand things here and there, so when fall camp came around, we could do the plays the way they are supposed to be played."

Weber has had to adjust to a talented group of incoming wide receivers, who offer plenty of speed.

"We are throwing a little bit more. The thing is that there are a lot of short passes and we are going to take our shots down the field. The old guys adjusted well, Ernie and Decker and everyone like that. But, I think that these freshmen are going to come in and add a little different perspective to the offense, because they have that vertical threat. I guess that we have never that to the extent that we do now," he said.

Weber admitted that it was nice to tell his father, a former Gopher defensive back, about being named the starting quarterback.

"I was able to talk to him after practice. It was a nice feeling to finally tell him with certainly that 'I think I got the spot.' He was happy. He said congratulations, but he also quickly told me that it's a great responsibility, but now it's time to get serious and really start preparing and now that you are the guy, now you have to start acting like you are the guy. He gave me a lot of good pointers," the younger Weber said.

He said that being named the starter at his father's alma mater has not really sunk in yet.

"I have not thought too much about it. He has installed a lot of pride about the Gophers in my family, in my brothers and sisters because we were Gophers fans growing up," Weber said. "But now that you are a player, you want to win that even more now because you are involved. It is a good feeling, but now is time to just focus on one game at a time and just try to be successful."

Weber is known as a mobile quarterback, which plays into the new offense, which seems to be a good fit for his skills.

"They both have their benefits and they both have their setbacks. What this offense allows is a little more of spreading the field out, allowing the quarterback and running backs to have bigger creases, where the old offense was more built on play-action fakes," Weber said. "The quarterback would not be allowed to go around on 'nakeds.' They are two different offenses, but both allow the quarterback to be mobile, if need be."

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