Duluth Guard Dyami Starks off to Strong Start

Dyami Starks, a 6-foot-1 sophomore guard from Duluth (MN) East, is off to a strong start this season. Starks had 32 points, nine rebounds and five assists in the Greyhounds' 86-81 season-opening win over Maple Grove. He had 30 points and five assists in Duluth East's 84-69 loss to Andover Tuesday. GoldenSports.Net recently caught up with Starks to find out the latest on his recruitment.

Dyami Starks averaged 15.7 points per game as a freshman and led the Greyhounds to a 20-8 mark last year. Despite his young age, Starks carries himself well on and off the court.

Starks played well this past spring and summer for the Howard Pulley 16-and-under team and has gotten plenty of recruiting interest, despite his age.

"I've heard lately from Northern Iowa, Iowa State, a little bit from Minnesota. A couple of Division II schools like Augustana. North Dakota State, South Dakota State, and Notre Dame, so I am hearing from some colleges."

Starks said he gained plenty of experience and exposure playing with the Pulley team.

"We played in a lot of tournaments. We played in the Nike Memorial, which was probably the best tournament that I played in down in Nashville. It was a good tournament with a lot of good teams. I played in Kansas twice. We played in Sabes in Bloomington and went all around the country."

Duluth East has had great success, despite being a hockey school. They produced former Gopher Rick Rickert and current Iowa State sophomore Cory Johnson. Starks has high expectations for the team as a leader and standout player.

"First and foremost, I am trying to lead this young group," he said. "I have a very young group of kids to state. That is our first and foremost goal. We have to make some steps, of course. Trying to build these guys up. We are low in experience, but I think that we have got some talent.

Starks admits that it is still early in the recruiting process, but he plans to check out schools as the recruitment interest increases.

"I have not visited any colleges, but I plan on doing that probably after the season or during the spring and summer when I play with Pulley."

Starks said that he does not have a favorite school yet.

"It is still kind of early. I always had a dream of going to Arizona or somewhere far away from here."

Starks is a typical Minnesotan, as he would not mind getting away from the cold winters.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah," he said.

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