Chad Calcaterra Draws a Minnesota Crowd

Chad Calcaterra, a 6-foot-10, 210-pound sophomore from Cloquet, scored two points in a 73-51 loss to Mounds View Monday night as Minnesota Gophers head coach Tubby Smith and assistant Ron Jirsa watched. However, Calcaterra was far from 100 percent, due to a stress fracture in his foot, in his third game of the year. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Calcaterra to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Chad Calcaterra played for the Minnesota Magic Elite 15-and-under team that won the BCI Tournament in Dallas as he was named to the All-Tournament team. The Magic finished third in the YBO national in Orlando in July, losing to eventual champ Florida State. They made it to the Sweet 16 in AAU Nationals in Detroit, falling to the Detroit Fire.

Calcaterra said that he is still get back into playing conditioning after missing the first nine games with the foot injury.

"It feels fine right now. The doctors said that if it is ever sore to stay off of it, but I don't think that it is going to get sore again," he said.

Calcaterra said that he suffered the injury before the start of the season and was making just his third appearance of the season.

"I was just running and it gave out on me. They said it was a stress reaction, which meant that the bone in my foot got weak, so I had to stay off of it for six weeks," he said.

Calcaterra feels that he is making progress each game.

"This game I was really off. I tried going as far as I could but they had a really good team. I'm trying to improve each game."

Calcaterra is getting plenty of recruiting attention.

"I've been going to Minnesota a lot. Michigan State has been looking at me. I have offers from Minnesota, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, North Dakota State and South Dakota State," he said.

Calcaterra admits that the homestate school is the early favorite.

"I've been really liking Minnesota, but I want to keep my options open right now."

Calcaterra said that he has given some thought about committing early.

"I've thought about Minnesota, but I'm just kind of waiting it out, to see, so I make the right choice."

Calcaterra admitted that he was aware of the presence of Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith and assistant Ron Jirsa.

"It's awesome," he said. "It makes me feel good, but I know I have to perform."

Calcaterra admitted that their presence did make him a bit nervous.

"Yes, it makes me stress out a lot more. We heard that they were coming."

Calcaterra said that he is improving each game after your injury.

"I think it feels fine right now, but my jumping and running ability still hasn't caught up to where it was before," he said. "I might say that I am 85 percent. I'm nervous about injuring it again, but I've been told by my doctor, 'Just go as hard as you can, and if it happens again, it happens.'"

Calcaterra said that he will likely skip track and field this spring, due to the injury.

"I've been thinking about it and I pretty much decided that I am going to stick with just basketball and work on my fundamentals."

Calcaterra said that there is a recruiting battle for him on the AAU circuit. Representatives from Howard Pulley and Minnesota Magic were in attendance.

"I plan on sticking with Minnesota Magic. John Sherman has been a really great guy and done some much of me so far."

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