Sabes Invitational Day Two Recaps

The 17- and 16-under division of the Sabes Invitational are down to just eight teams as play concludes on Sunday. The following is a look at Saturday's action.

The Howard Pulley Black defeated ECI Elite 78-50 in their first game of the day.

Rodney Williams Jr. put on a highlight show with several explosive dunks. He showed off an improving outside shot with two three-pointers as he scored 16 points in the second half. Minnesota commit Royce White and Mike Broghammer scored 11 points each. Dylan Hale scored 10, Cedric Martin scored seven and sophomore Seantrell Henderson had six points. Marcus Williams had five points, Mike Fitzgerald scored four and Zach Towle added three points. Carrington Tankson was held scoreless for the second straight game. ECI Elite was led by Malzer with 13 points and Crosby added 10.

They cruised to a 79-30 win over the Chicago Demons in their final game of pool play.

White led all scorers with 18. Tankson hit five three-pointers to score 15 points. Fitzgerald had 11 points and Marcus Williams, and Rodney Williams and Seantrell Henderson chipped in with seven each. Hale and Broghammer have five points each and Martin scored four.

Howard Pulley received a bye in the first round of the playoffs and will face the Chicago Demons for the second time in two days.

Game Two Recaps

Iowa Attack Black 64, Chicago Demons 55
Iowa Attack Black- Harrison Barnes 21 Zach McCabe 19
Chicago Demons- Carter 14, Eversley 11

K.C. Cowboys 70, RBS All Stars 67
K.C. Cowboys- Ryan Arel 17, Anthony Rule 14, Austin White 13, Donte' Lee 10
RBS All-Stars- Billy Molinari 24 (seven three-pointers), Jelani Johnson 21, David Croom 10

Illinois Warriors 74, Howard Pulley White 66
Illinois Warriors- David Brown 26, Jeremy Jones 10, Lawrence Thomas 10, D. J. Richardson 10

Iowa Attack Red 51, Team Missouri 47
Iowa Attack Red- Reece Uhlenhopp 13, Jesse Pritchard 13, Seth Van Deest 12
Team Missouri- Danny Feldman 16, Brett Armstong 10

K.C. Pump N Run 61, Dakota Schoolers 60
K.C. Pump N Run- Michael Dixon 30, Danny Mundweiler 13, Rian Pearson 11
Dakota Schoolers- Chad White 13, Michael Felt 13, Dustin Tetzlaff 13

Comets Elite 63, Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners 61
Comets Elite-Nate Wolters 16
Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners-Tyler Bredow 12, David Berthene 10

Game 3 Recaps

Iowa Attack Black 62, ECI Elite 51
Iowa Attack Black- Harrison Barnes 25, Zach McCabe 16
ECI Elite- Crosby 18

St. Paul Grassroots 72, RBS All Stars 67
St. Paul Grassroots- Jordair Jett 13, John Bright 19
RBS All-Stars- Billy Molinari 13

Illinois Warriors 63, Iowa Attack Red 52
Illinois Warriors- D. J. Richardson 23, Lawrence Thomas 12
Iowa Attack Red- Reece Uhlenhopp 16, Jesse Pritchard 17

Howard Pulley White 73, Team Missouri 61
Howard Pulley White- Tommy Sawatzke 21, Dierra Martin 12, Burke Lendl 11
Team Missouri- Brett Armstong 19, Keith Dupont 16

K.C. Pump N Run 79, Comets Elite 62
K.C. Pump N Run- Michael Dixon 25, Danny Mundweiler 16, Rian Pearson 14, Bruce Reed 10

Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners 66, Dakota Schoolers 53
Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners- Josh Zitzmann 13, Tyler Bredow 12, Mike Muscala 10
Dakota Schoolers- Chad White 16

Playoff Recaps

Chicago Demons 59, K.C. Cowboys 58
K.C. Cowboys- Ryan Arel 16, Trey Cox 15

STP Grassroots 88, ECI Elite 65
Bright 21, Jett 18, Butler 16, Cooper 10
ECI-Malzer 13, Crosby 12

RBS 68, Iowa Attack Black 60
RBS- Jelani Johnson 20, Billy Molinari 10
Iowa Attack Black- Harrison Barnes 17, Zach McCabe 18

Illinois Warriors 76, Dakota Schoolers 73
Illinois Warriors- David Brown 24, D. J. Richardson 22, Lawrence Thomas 10
Dakota Schoolers- Cody Larson 19, Mike Felt 17, Chad White 14

Howard Pulley White 72, Comets Elite 59
Howard Pulley White- Moses Sundufu 21, Tommy Sawatzke 13, Marques Johnson 12, Jordan Hughes 11
Comets Elite- Nate Wolters 18, Andre Garth 14

K.C. Pump N Run 75, Team Missouri 65
K.C. Pump N Run- Michael Dixon 18, Danny Mundweiler 14, Rian Pearson 12, Bruce Reed 10
Team Missouri- Danny Feldman 19, Jayme Donnelly 17

Iowa Attack Red 57, Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners 55
Iowa Attack Red- Reece Uhlenhopp 14
Minnesota School of Basketball Roadrunners- David Berthene 15, Ben Snyder 14

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