Roy Philon Gets Gopher Interest

Roy Philon, a 270-pound senior fullback/defensive lineman from Lexington (KY) Bryan Station, made his official visit to Minnesota last weekend. The Gophers landed two of his former teammates in February in D.L. Wilhite and Terrell Combs. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Philon to learn the latest on his recruitment

Roy Philon was an honorable mention All-City selection last season as Bryant Station finished 4-7, losing to Johnson Central in the first round of 5A playoffs. It was their most wins since 2000.

Phlion was named as one of Kentucky's preseason top 50 high school players by the Lexington Herald Leader.

Philon scored two touchdowns in the Defenders' 45-14 season-opening win over Paul Dunbar. The win snapped a six-year, 21-game losing streak against city competition. He also scored two touchdowns in their 35-31 loss to Johnson Central.

This is your first visit. Do you have any other visits planned?

"Right now, I am trying to get down to Tennessee and see their big campus and what it is like down there. I am probably going to go down to Louisville in the next few weeks."

Do you have a favorite school yet?

"It really doesn't matter. I don't really have a favorite school. Whoever has the best offer."

What position are most schools looking at you at in college?

They are looking at me as a defensive end right now. I play fullback and play both sides of the ball. But, defensive end, mostly."

"Do you know much about Minnesota or have you talked to your former teammates about Minnesota?

"I know some, but I also know what D.L. and T.C. have told me about it and what the coaches have told me about it. I like what I am looking at right now and I am liking what I see."

What camps did you attend this summer?

"I went to Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky, Louisville and Kentucky."

Do you play another other sports?

"I played basketball last year and I'll probably end up playing again."

Have you thought about a possible major?

"I'll probably major in something involving engineering or electrical engineering."

Have you taken the ACT yet? What is your GPA?

"I scored a 16 on the ACT, but I am really working on it. I have scheduled it two more times. My GPA right now is at 3.2."

What will make you choose one school over another?

"Whatever has the best offer. It's just about the program. Will I fit in with the coaches and the players? Stuff like that. How it will work out for me."

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