Minnesota Gophers Expected to Get Into Top 25

The Minnesota Gophers were ranked #28 in the country after their upset win over Illinois last Saturday. The Gophers had a bye this weekend and will face Purdue on the road next Saturday. When Minnesota arrives in West Lafayette, they will have a Top 25 ranking beside their name.

Nine teams ranked in the Top 25 lost this past week. BYU, which was ranked #9, lost to TCU, ranked #27 32-7 on Thursday. The loss by BYU helps the BCS, while it means that the Horned Frons, ranked one spot ahead of the Gophers, will move into the Top 25.

Eleventh ranked Missouri lost for the second straight week, falling to #1 Texas. Conference rival Kansas lost to #4 Oklahoma.

ACC teams Virginia Tech (ranked #17), #18 North Carolina and #21 Wake Forest fell for the second time this season.

Michigan State, ranked #20, #22 Vanderbilt and #25 California also lost for the second time of the year and could fall out of the Top 25.

Tulsa, which is 7-0 and was ranked #26 should move into the Top 25. ACC squads Florida State, ranked #29 and #30 Georgia Tech both won this past weekend and could move up when the polls come out. Kentucky and Gopher homecoming opponent Northwestern are also with just one loss and could make rhier first Top 25 berth this season.

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