Tim Hardaway Jr. Gets Minnesota Interest

Tim Hardaway Jr., a 6-foot-5 175-pound junior wing player from Miami (FL) Palmetto, has attracted the interest of several top programs, including Minnesota. Hardaway is the son of former NBA standout Tim Hardaway, who finished his NBA career with 15,373 points and 7,095 assists. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Hardaway Jr. to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Tim Hardaway Jr. shined this summer as a member of the Florida Rams 16-and-under AAU program, where he caught the attention of Minnesota assistant coach Vince Taylor. The Gophers have several players with basketball pedigrees on their roster such as Ralph Sampson III, the son of former NBA player Ralph Sampson Jr., Paul Carter, son of former NBA player Ron Carter and Colton Iverson, son of Chuck Iverson, who was drafted by Seattle.

Hardaway is a player with plenty of talent, according to AAU coach Antonio Perkins.

"He can shoot it," Perkins said. "He has a lot of range. He has bulked up and grown two to three inches. He can definitely shoot it and he has a high basketball IQ. He plays like a veteran. His dad has had him play against older guys."

GoldneSports.Net caught up with Hardaway Jr. to learn the latest on his recruitment.

What schools are you hearing from right now?

"Minnesota, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia Tech, Oregon State, Florida Atlantic and some more."

Have any schools offered you a scholarship yet? I know that it is early being only a junior.

"I'm hearing things about Michigan and Florida State doing something, but I don't really know. Minnesota, I think that they have offered. I heard Coach say something about a scholarship, but I don't really know."

What do you know about Minnesota?

"I know about Tubby Smith and him being one of the coaches for my dad in the 2000 Olympics. I've seen Minnesota and I like their style of play. They like to get up and down and play good defense."

When you pick a school, would like to pick a school close to home or does that not matter?

"That is a good question because I really don't know yet. I have not decided. My dad told to like chill out with that and that my options are open."

Is your dad going to have a big part in the decision since he has been through it before and knows about the recruiting process?

"He is going to talk to me about it, but he is going to say that it is all up to me, because he has been through it."

Do you play any other sports?

"Basketball. That's it, basically. The football coaches have been trying to get me to play football, like wide receiver because of my height."

Is it tough being a Jr. since people know who your dad was and expect you to be a good player?

"They always expect me to be good and try to get into my head."

Does that make you work even harder to prove that you are a good player in your own right?

"It is good motivation to get me better and something to focus on."

Have you been to any college campuses this fall?

"Miami and that was not it. I went to the Miami-Florida State game."

Do you have a favorite school at all?

"I like North Carolina, but that is like a dream school. I am not really focusing on them and I haven't heard from them yet. "

Are you planning on taking some trips to school this spring and summer?

"Definitely. My dad has been talking about that."

What are your strengths as a player?

"Shooting. Passing. Getting other people involved. My weaknesses are like dribbling because I have to get lower. I have a tendency of standing up when I dribble. I like to play."

What positions do you play?

"AAU-wise, I play mostly point guard becuase I was able to get the ball up the court and run some plays. In high school, I play small forward and guard the big men."

How did you and your team do last season?

"We finished 11-12 and I averaged 18.3 points and six rebounds per game."

What are your expectations for your team this year?

"My expectations are to go all the way. We are still a young team, but we like to get up and down. I expect us to be way better than we were last year and have a way better record. Not even lose like three games."

Have you had a lot of open gyms this year?

"We have had like 11 open gyms. Minnesota, Oregon, Florida State, Michigan, Virginia Tech and Miami have been there."

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