Gophers Get Chat Props

The Gophers football team is continuing to make inroads with their record and their recruiting. A few questions popped up concerning their recruiting efforts during a chat with regional recruiting manager Bob Lichtenfels. See the exchanges inside.

A few questions popped up surrounding Gophers football recruiting during a chat with's Bob Lichtenfels (compiled to 101stGopher from the football message board).

Q: Minnesota, who will they get to fill out their class? Can they get Ronnie Wingo?

Bob Lichtenfels:
I think Brewster is a great recruiter and they have a good shot at Wingo. He could be a star at Minnesota.

Q: Who has been the biggest surprise in the Big Ten this year in recruiting?

Bob Lichtenfels:
I would go with Penn State. Everyone always negatively recruits against Joe Pa's age, but he always still gets great recruits because it is PSU. The Outside the Lines smear campaign and everything else that the media says and he still has a top class. The surprises are MSU and Minnesota. Brewster is beginning to establish himself as a great recruiter and Dantonio continues to get better every year.

Q: Any thoughts on an early top 5 or top 10 in the region for 2010?

Seantrel Henderson, Philip Sims, Jamel Turner, Devin Gardner, Andrew Norwell, there are so many. Next year's class is so deep I cannot wait to start covering it.

And from an inquiry from 101stGopher to Lichtenfels about Mike Edwards comes this reply:

I still cannot believe Ohio State didn't offer Mike Edwards. He is a great player from their pipeline school of Glenville. I still like him better on offense, but he is an outstanding athlete with great top end speed. Not real physical on defense from what I have seen. He is more of a finesse-style cover guy. On offense he is one of the top deep threats I have seen.

A visit to Minnesota would not shock me, Brewster is doing well up there and Mike could excel there.

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