GA Guard Grant Ramsay Gets Gopher Interest

Grant Ramsay, a 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive guard from Marietta (GA) Pope, is one of the top offensive linemen in the South. Ramsay, an excellent student-athlete, has attracted the attention of several programs, including Minnesota. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Grant's father, Patrick, to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Grant Ramsay has attracted plenty of recruiting interest and GoldenSports.Net caught up with Grant's father, Patrick, to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Who has offered Grant so far?

"He has got an offer from Minnesota and Central Florida. He will probably get an offer this week from Vanderbilt."

Has he been to any Junior Days yet?

"He has been to Alabama, Wake Forest, Central Florida and is supposedly going to go to Vanderbilt next week."

Did Grant attend any football camps last summer?

"He only went to one camp, Vanderbilt, last year.

Has he made plans to attend any camps this summer?

"I'm really not sure. I think that he is really going to see what evolves from now to June. What he is going to try to do, to be frank with you, he is going to try to wrap it up by June. That is the goal. He wants to go into his senior year and focus on that."

I heard that Grant is planning on coming to Minnesota for their spring game?

"As a matter of fact, he is. I just talked to Tim Davis, the offensive line coach. We are going to come up there tentatively April 24 and 25."

How did his team do last year?

"They were 4-6 last year. He went undefeated in his freshman year and he would really like to focus this year on the team. He is a team captain and everything and say 'Look, I'm going to probably have everything that I want and I am not going to be in the business of collecting offers.' Some kids will say that they want to wrap up 20 offers. He is not that kind of kid. He has a little different goal."

Does he have a favorite school yet?

"Here is probably where it is going to boil out because he is a good student. He has like a 3.6 GPA. He is in honors classes. What he is really trying to look for is really a few things. No. 1, I have got to like the school first because if you get hurt, you want to finish. No. 2, Do I like the school? Are the academics good? Two is really football, the program and the coaches. That is pretty much it. I think that he is trying to look for and say I'll go anywhere that I get that blend."

Does he have a major in mind yet?

"He is leaning toward architecture. Minnesota is a good school. His guidance counselor here graduated from the 'U.'"

Do you have any other trips planned?

"We are going to go to Vanderbilt this Friday. They really want him to come up and sit down with them. They have a spring game, so they want come up and sit down with the offensive line coach and everything."

Do you think that Vanderbilt will offer this week?

"I think there is a good chance. Who knows? It's just to go up there to go up there."

What type of training is Grant doing?

"What his day consists of right now is he lifts in the morning five days a week. Four days a week every afternoon he does speed-agility work. Jamal Lewis and Hines Ward were some of the players that he worked out with during the summer. There is a place here in Georgia that is an unknown secret run by Tony Valini, who had five guys drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. He works with guys on speed, quickness and flexibility. Tony has a lot of these big linemen in there to box, not really hit to each other, more to get their footwork and hand speed. He'll start boxing again in a week or two. He'll box two days a week."

What position are most schools looking at him to play in college?

"I don't know. He goes back and forth. It depends on what scheme they run. He started as a sophomore and he has gone from guard to a tackle. They have him at a guard right now because they run the option, so he is a pulling guard."

Are you familiar with the Twin Cities?

"Minneapolis is a great place. I did some business with Target and I have been to Minneapolis hundreds of times. Here is what I can tell you and you know this. That program is headed in the right direction. I think so. Just the commitment of building that new stadium is a huge undertaking right there. I think that there are a lot of cool things happening there, personally. He has never been up there, so it will be his first chance. It is a pretty cool area. They are doing the right things up there. He got a hand-written letter from every coach up there today. He has good chemistry with them. A lot of this (recruiting) is chemistry. The feel of the school. And it's not like it is not a good school. It is definitely a really good school and has a lot to offer."

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