Minnesota Pump N Run Wins Denver Tournament

Minnesota Pump N Run 17-and-under won their third tournament of the spring as they defeated Team Odom 75-53 to win the Double Pump Spring Tournament in Lakewood, Colorado. They are currently 18-0 and will play next weekend in their own tournament. The path to the championship was not an easy one as they trailed by 20 points in the quarterfinals and 12 in the semifinals.

Minnesota Pump N Run 17-and-under team defeated Team Odom 75-53 in the title game. Kevin Noreen from Minnesota Transitions led Pump N Run with 18 points. Carlos Emmory of Bloomington Jefferson and Dyami Starks of Duluth East chipped in 14 points each and Aaron Anderson of Osseo added 13.

They defeated D1E (Derrick Rose) 61-58 in the semifinals after trailing by 12 points. Emmory led the way with 22 points. Noreen had 16 points and Steve Tecker from Northwestern (WI) added 11.

Minnesota Pump N Run defeated 2D1 Basketball Academy 75-70 in the quarterfinals after trailing by 20 points. Tecker had 20 points. Emmory added 16 and Noreen had 14.

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