Howard Pulley Summer League Schedule

Minnesota Gopher fans will be able to watch some of their favorite returning players plus the incoming talent in the Howard Pulley Pro City League at the St. Paul Salvation Army Center. The following is a look at this upcoming week's schedule and a look at the team's rosters.

Mon, Jun 22
7:00 El-Amin Fish House vs. HP – Bye
8:45 A & A Millwork vs. B 2 X
Tue, Jun 23
7:00 Errol Carlstrom Playaz vs. Madison Magic
8:45 TRP Group vs. Hudson Enterprises
Wed, Jun 24
7:00 HP – Bye vs. B 2 X
8:45 El-Amin Fish House vs. Madison Magic
Thu, Jun 25
7:00 A & A Millwork vs. Hudson Enterprises
8:45 Errol Carlstrom Playaz vs. TRP Groupes

El-Amin Fish House- Khalid El-Amin, Jamel Staten, Paul Carter, Devron Bostick , Levi Jones, Dan Coleman, Urule Igbabova, Will Graham and Luke Witt

A& A Millworks- Arriel McDonald, Qincy Lewis, Randy Carter, Trent Hassell, Reggie Hall, Travis Busch, Johnny Gilbert, Terrel Sledge, Al Nolen and Colton Iverson

Errol Carlstrom Playaz- Mitch Ohnstad, Devoe Joseph, Trevor Mbakwe , Luke Anderson, Steve Esselink, Trevor Witter, Isaac Rosenfelt, Xavier Reed and Josh Figini

Sabes/TRP- Justin Cobbs , Damian Johnson , Ralph Sampson Rich Melzer, Darren Kent, Ken Maxey, Jermaine Davis, Stevon Williams and Jefferson Mason

Troy E. Hudson Enterprises Inc.- Troy Hudson, Eric Walker, Lorenzo rr, John Thomas, Coco Cofield, Royce White and Steve hart

B-2-X- R. K. Glover, Zach Puchtel, Rodeny Williams , Dominique Dawson Cameron Rundles, Jamar Diggs, Ryan Wittman, Blake Hoffarber , Jeff Foote and Zach Johnson

Pat Madison Magic- Zach Thurow, Tommy Sawatzke and Dave Hanson

Howard Pulley Bye- Louis Cox, Jordan Hughes, Cedric Martin, Jacob Thomas, Chad Calcaterra, Joe Coelman, Seantrel Henderson, Marvin Singleton, Ra'shede Hageman, Peter Crawford, Marcus Williams and Moses Sundufu

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