Devron Bostick and Paul Carter Lead El-Amin

Current Gophers Devron Bostick and Paul Carter combined for 38 points as they led El-Amin Fish House to a 126-101 victory win over Howard Pulley in the opening game of the Howard Pulley Pro City League.

Devron Bostick scored 21 points and Paul Carter added 18 points in the El-Amin Fish House win. Former Gopher Travis Busch, who recently transferred to Colorado State added 18 points.

Jacob Thomas paced Howard Pulley with 29 points as he made six three-pointers. Carrington Tankson, who is attending San Jacinto (TX) CC and was expected to play for El-Amin Fish House, but played for the shorthanded Pulley, had 15 points. Marvin Singleton and Syani Chambers added eleven points each.

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