A&A Millworks Wins Pulley Opener

Blake Hoffarber scored 17 points, but it was not enough as B-2-X lost 104-91 to A&A Millworks in second game of the first day of Howard Pulley Pro City action.

A&A Millworks was led by Terrel Sledge with a game-high 31 points. Former Gopher J'son Stamper added 24 and Johnny Gilbert had 21 points. A&A Millworks features former Gophers Arriel McDonald and Randy Carter and current Gophers Al Nolen and Colton Iverson, who missed the opener

Blake Hoffarber and Cameron Rundles scored 17 points each for B-2-X. Rodney Williams added 13 points in the loss as he had six highlight reel dunks and twelve blocked shots. B-2-X has former Gopher Zach Puchtel and incoming walk-on Dominique Dawson.

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