Rodney Williams Wows Crowd in Pulley League

Rodney Williams Jr., a 6-foot-6, 185-pound forward, has wowed fans at the Howard Pulley Pro City League with his highlight reel dunks. Williams is one of four incoming player who will provide the Gophers with a deep and athletic team. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Williams to learn the latest on trying to get through the NCAA Clearinghouse and what he thinks about during his dunking exhibitions.

Rodney Williams Jr. averaged 15.5 points per game as he led the Hawks to a 27-2 mark. He was named first-team All-Metro by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. However, he averaged just 10.3 points in his final seven games, including only eight points in the Hawks' 58-51 loss to Osseo, a team they defeated in the 2008 section finals when the Orioles were undefeated.

GoldenSports.Net caught up with Williams after Wednesday's game to learn the latest.

You had some highlight reel dunks that got the crowd excited. Is that something that you like?

"Oh, yeah. That helps me get my game going. When I do that and heard that, it kind of gets my rhythm going."

Trevor Mbakwe has some dunks at the other end. Is there a friuendly competition between you too?

"I don't see it as a competition. I'm not going to dunk it as hard as he does. It's fun to watch him dunk, too."

Do you ever watch any of the YouTube clips of your dunks and say how did I do that?

"I used to. I used to, but I try not to now.

Channel Five was here taping the game. Do you ever notice the cameraman and give him a little something extra?

"Sometimes. A lot of times I try to block that out so I am not trying to do too much and mess up."

Williams has not been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse and thus was not able to attend summer classes at Minnesota.

"Actually, I am not going to be doing summer school this summer. I am going to do it next summer."

Have you set your schedule for the fall yet?

"Not yet. I have to get in with the counselor and talk to them about it."

What types of things are you doing to improve your game to get ready for the upcoming year?

"Just getting in the weight room every day and working on my jump shot. Coming ball time, we'll be doing drills and stuff."

You have played Blake Hoffarber on your team and you faced Trevor and Devoe Joseph tonight. Does that get you to think what you guys could do this upcoming year?

"Yes. It gets me excited to see what they can really do. It is different from watching it on TV, playing with them and against them. I see now that I have to work on a lot on things, getting stronger, my jump shot and my defense."

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