Cole Stefan Talks About His Recruitment

Cole Stefan, a 6-foot-3 senior guard from Minnetonka, is one of the top outside shooters in the Class of 2010. He is getting interest from several top programs, but has not yet had time to make any official visits. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Stefan Sunday at the Minnetonka Fall League to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Cole Stefan averaged 18.8 points per game as the Skippers finished 12-14 last year after winning the Class AAAA title in 2008. They lost to Minneapolis North 64-55 in the Class 4A, Section 6 first round playoff game. Stefan scored in double figures in all but three games and had a season-best 32 points versus St. Paul Johnson.

Stefan talked to GoldenSports.Net about the latest on his recruitment.

Your head coach had told a month ago that you might be close to making a decision. Is that going to happen?

"I have not decide if I am going to, what I'm going to do as far schools yet. There is still so much good stuff on the table from this summer. From USC to Auburn to some other schools. Arizona State has now stepped up on the board a little bit. I am still kind of far from a decision, but I'm definitely looking forward to making it."

What you set up any visits yet?

"No. I haven't. I'm probably going to go out to a football game at USC. A conference game sometime later in November. Maybe on to ASU, but that us about it."

Have you had a decent number of schools come out to open gyms?

"Not many have been up. The mid major schools have kind of dropped off a little bit, so it is me getting down to a handful of schools. There has not been a lot of people around."

Have you narrowed your list of schools down?

"I haven't said anything publicly yet, but there are school that obviously have landed guys and have not contacted me. It is working itself out."

How about your team play? You have a couple of player who also play football. <.B>

"I'm really excited about my senior year. I think that we are going to be great and contend for a state championship. I think that we have all the parts and players and all the stuff and staff to do it."

You are playing in a top league with top competition. Do you think that helps you as a team in getting some chemistry?

"It is always fun to play against the Hopkinses and Wayzatas. I mean you are always going to get better as a player and as a team playing good competition and it is a lot of fun."

You were dinged up this summer with some knee and shoulder injuries. Hoe are you feeling?

"My knee is actually 100% back to normal. I went to the doctor and got it cleared up about a month ago. All those things are good. Otherwise, I've been staying scotch-free."

What types of things are you working on to improve yourself?

"Getting stronger. I've been spending a ton of time in the weight room. I'm up to 6-foot-3, 195 pounds and last year I was 175 pounds. I've put on a lot of bulk and a lot of mass."

You seemed a little more aggressive taking the ball to the hoop and getting hit, but bouncing up okay.

"It is nice to take impact and maybe knock some guys off of you. My explosiveness and my jumping ability has gotten a ton better and to be in the weight room has only helped."

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