Cameron Jones Gets Recruiting Looks

Cameron Jones, a 6-foot-6, 220-pound quarterback from Burnsville (MN) High, attended the Minnesota Junior Day this past weekend. Jones is considered one of the best signal callers in the state. GoldenSports.Net caught Jones on the basketball court against Rochester John Marshall and talked to him after the game about his recruitment and his visit to Minnesota.

Cameron Jones completed 64 of 177 passes for 948 yards with five touchdowns and ten interceptions as Burnsville finished 2-7, losing to Bloomington Jefferson 28-6 in the first round of the Class AAAAA, Section 3 playoffs.

Jones completed 26 of 82 passes for 312 yards with one touchdown and ten interceptions as a part-time sophomore starter. The Blaze finished 0-9.

Jones, whose father Darwin ran track at St. Cloud State, is also a standout on the hardwood. He scored a season-best 16 points in their 73-37 win over Rochester John Marshall, his fourth double figure effort of the season.

GoldenSports.Net sat down with Jones after the game and talked to him after the game about his recruitment and his visit to Minnesota.

What schools are you hearing from recruiting-wise?

"Right now, I am hearing from Minnesota, North Dakota State a little bit, some of the Missouri Valley Conference schools, Mankato and some of the Division II schools. Hopefully, I'll get some more mail."

You attend the Junior Day. What did you get a chance to do?

"Basically, we just meet the coaches. We got to go to the basketball game, which was a great game. Unfortunately, they lost. We got to tour TCF Stadium and hang out with the coaches and meet some of the prospects who were the same age, so it was a lot of fun."

Did you know many of the players from playing against some of them? I know that there were some Lake Conference kids.

"I knew a few of them. I recognized them, but I got a chance to meet some of the guys. Seemed like a bunch of cool guys."

Did you get a chance to go to any college games this year?

"This year, I went to St. Thomas, because our old offensive coach (Eric) Pulley is the running back coach there. Other than that, I did not really get the opportunity to, because we had meetings on Saturdays for football. But, I watched a lot of it on TV."

You had some injuries that caused you to miss some time. What happened there?

"About two weeks ago or so, I went up to get a pass and came down on my ankle wrong and rolled it pretty bad, so I had to sit out a couple of games. But, now it feels good and I am back playing."

You are going to be a three-year starter at Burnsville. The Blaze have a a strong tradition, but have struggled the past few years. I know that you are hoping to change that. I know that you were 0-9 two years ago and 2-7 last year. What are the expectations for the upcoming season?"

"Basically, we want to get back to winning, to change the program around. Get back to the old Burnsville way. Get back to winning traditions, A lot of the players are committed this season by getting in the weight room and working hard. Hopefully, we can turn it around this season."

Do you have a lot of your guys back or did you lose a lot of players?

"I think that we have a good amount of guys. We had a lot of talent coming up in our class, so hopefully, it will work out."

How would you describe yourself as a quarterback?

"I would probably describe myself as more of a drop-back quarterback. Every once in a while, I like to run and lower my shoulders and knock people over."

Have you thought about what camps you would like to attend this summer?

" I feel that I am going to go to a lot of the Big Ten one around here. I know that I am going to go to Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin. Just a bunch of the DIs around here. Just see what they have to offer."

What things are you going to be doing leading up to the season to improve as a player?

"Once the basketball season ends, I am going to be hitting the weight room hard again. I am going to do some speed training with some speed and training coaches. Just doing the little stuff. Getting big, watching film and working with the coaches to get better."

Have you thought much about a possible major in college?

"Not really. I was talking with my parents about that the other day. The only thing that I am interested in is business, but I'm still not sure about that. I'm still trying to decide."

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