Wisconsin TE Sam Rohr Gets Recruiting Looks

Sam Rohr, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound junior tight end from Brookfield (WI) Central, attended the Minnesota Gopher Junior Day last month and received his first scholarship offer from Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster. Rohr is one of the top players in the Badger State. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Rohr to learn the latest on his recruitment and the Gopher offer.

Sam Rohr helped lead Brookfield Central to a 5-4 mark in the tough Great Metro Conference, which also featured defending state champion Milwaukee Marquette and runner-up Menomonee Falls. Rohr was named honorable-mention all-conference as a sophomore and junior.

Rohr attended the Minnesota Junior Day and watched the Gophers face Michigan State in basketball. He told GoldenSports that he enjoyed his visit.

"Other than seeing the game, I got to tour the facilities at Minnesota. I got to see the game day locker room. I got to meet some of the other coaches who work on the staff there. It was just a great experience."

Rohr said that he didn't a chance to attend many college games last fall.

"Not really. Wisconsin invited me to the Wofford game, but that was not really too much of a deal. It was still fun, though."

Rohr said that he likes what he has seen and heard about the Minnesota program.

"I know that they are definitely a team on the rise. I definitely know that they have a great program. They are willing to work hard. They are willing to win with the right guys and they are willing to win the right way and that I find to be a great quality that they have."

Rohr, who will attend the Wisconsin Junior Day February 27th, wasn't able to make many summer camps last year.

"I only attend two. I did attend the Football University Camp last year and I was also able to attend the Wisconsin Badger three-day camp."

Rohr said that he is hearing from a variety of schools.

"The schools that I am hearing from the most are Iowa, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Syracuse, Harvard, North Dakota State. I just received a letter from Michigan. I am also hearing a lot from UCLA. I got a hand-written letter from Harvard two weeks ago and one from North Dakota State."

Rohr is an excellent student with an overall GPA of 3.45 and core GPA of 3.4.

"I have already taken part of my ACT. I have been given like a triple-timed thing. That is not really a big deal right now, but I have scheduled my ACT and I'll be finishing that over the course of the next week."

Rohr has decided to a field of study when he enters college.

"I have thought of majoring in exercise physiology and Kinesiology. I'd like to become a personal trainer along with doing therapy on muscle and such. I have watched a lot of trainers training me and I like what they do and I just like that atmosphere. I would really like to do that."

Brookfield Central was 5-4 last year and 3-4 in the conference. The Lancers finished 13-1 in 2006, 8-3 in 2007 and 9-2 in 2008. Rohr is hoping that the team can return to its previous form.

"My expectations this upcoming year are that we are definitely going to work hard. We are just going to bust our tails, doing everything possible to win. We are going to win the right way and work hard the right way."

Rohr said that despite losing some key players to graduation, the Lancers return several key players.

"We have a lot of guys coming back. We have Nick Hubbard, who is going to be one of our top linebackers. We have Brad Leachy. He is a great linebacker, too. One the offensive side of the ball, we have Connor McCullough in the backfield. We have Marcus Aprahamian at right tackle. We got myself. We've got Alex Olson. He has great hands and is a great wide receiver. We have Jason Meichtry, who is going to be in the backfield as the quarterback. We've got Jake Brunner, our returning center this next year. We've got Rocky Johnson on the defensive line. We've got a lot of good guys coming back and I am really happy about who we have coming back. I'm really excited about next season."

Rohr plays strictly tight end for the Lancers, but he has played on the other size of the field in the past.

"I have actually played defense. I played defensive end when I was freshman and below that. It was a lot of fun. I really like the defensive ball. It also helped me evolve as an offensive player."

Rohr didn't get many chances as a receiver, due to the Lancers' high-powered rushing attack.

"I had like 13 catches for 198 yards. We had a great running game last year; credit that we had Jeff Lewis, Xavier Whitaker and we also had Connor McCullough. Three great running backs. Three hard workers and they could definitely move up the field. I know that I didn't get as many chance as I wanted to catch the ball, but when I did catch the ball, I made it count."

Brookfield Central welcomes back quarterback Jason Meichtry, who started for the Lancers as a sophomore. Rphr thinks that the return of an experience signal caller could mean a more wide-open attack this fall.

"I'm definitely hoping that we do pass the ball a little bit more this next year to open up our game a little bit more than we did this year, when we just ran the ball like crazy."

Rohr is finalizing football camp plans this summer.

"I have put a lot of thought into it. I am definitely going to try to make it to Minnesota's camp this summer. I have also thought about Wisconsin's a little."

Rohr said that it is possible that he could make his college choice before the start of his senior season.

"I might. I'm still considering whether I could make my decision sometime just before the summer rolls around, but I''m not totally sure on doing thatyet, but we'll definitely see."

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