Rohr Talks Camping, Offers and More

Tight end Sam Rohr holds only one offer, from the Gophers, but he's continuing to keep his options open and plans to attend a few Big 10 camps this summer. talked to Rohr about what he's looking for, his strengths and weaknesses and more.

Sam Rohr, a junior at Brookfield Central High School, has been playing tight end for the Brookfield varsity football team for the last two years, he has also been playing hockey for the last 13 years, the last year at the varsity level. He is interested in studying kinesiology or exercise physiology in college. His first, and so far only, offer is from Minnesota. How open will you be to other offers if and when Wisconsin offers?

Rohr: If they do offer I am definitely going to consider my options, between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Overall, I don't know who I will choose in the end, but it just comes down to where I feel the most comfortable and where I am going to feel a part of a really good team. What camps will you be attending this summer?

Rohr: I am attending a couple camps this summer. I am definitely attending the Minnesota camp; I am attending the Wisconsin camp. I have not picked a day yet on when I will be attending that camp. I have also chosen to participate in Iowa's camp and in Michigan's camp. All the other camp invites, I haven't really made my decision with those. What did you think of Minnesota during the junior day?

Rohr: I felt great about going to Minnesota. It is an amazing place, and with all the new facilities it was phenomenal. Walking into that game day locker room … it was just massive and it was just great. I got to meet Coach Brewster, Coach Lewis. I absolutely loved everything about that junior day. What are the newest developments in your recruiting?

Rohr: I am attending the University of Indiana spring ball this Saturday (March 27). I am looking forward to that as well because I was talking to my buddy Marcus Aprahamian, he went down to Indiana for a spring practice and they had offered him while he was down there and I was very excited for him. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Rohr: My strengths are definitely my route running and catching the ball with my hands. I am very vigilant on the field. I am always checking where the defenders are, where they could be, and I am running through that in my head. My route running is very crisp. The one thing I will never do is catch the ball with my body. I will always catch it with my hands. I am not too bad of a blocker, but I have been told by some of the coaches in the area, like Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa that the only problem that they have with me is that I am not totally finishing my blocks when I am going at guys, but I do my best to put my body out in front of somebody and get the out of the way for my running or my quarterback to run that way. I do whatever it takes to make sure my quarterback or my running back has plenty of running room, and so does Marcus [Aprahamian]. What are you looking for in a school?

Rohr: I am looking to location. Where it is in comparison to my home. I am a family guy, so I definitely want to be able to come home and see my family during the holidays. Another thing I look for is, am I a good fit for this school? Am I really going to feel comfortable coming to Minnesota, or Iowa or Indiana or wherever I am going to be? I am also very picky on my coaches. I look at a coach – are they going to be serious when they are out on the field, am I going to have a great relationship with this coach off the field as well as on the field? Am I going to be comfortable being with that coach, am I going to be fully prepared to be on that field when I get that chance?

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