Josh Ogelsby to visit Minnesota Thursday

Josh Oglesby, a 6-foot-5 junior from Cedar Rapids Washington who helped lead the Iowa Barnstormers to the Minnesota Pump N Run title this weekend, will make an unofficial visit to Minnesota Thursday. Oglesby is one of the outside threats in the Midwest and had a strong spring and summer playing for the Iowa Barnstormers. GoldenSports.Net caught up with him to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Josh Oglesby averages a team-best 16.3 points per game this season as he led Washington to a 14-9 mark, losing to eventual state champion Ames in the Class AAAA quarterfinals. He averaged eleven points per game as a sophomore. Oglesby trained at Mercy Acceleration last offseason and increased his speed and vertical leap by six inches in a month and a half.

Oglesby comes from a basketball family. His father, Ted, is a former NBA player and Kirkwood and Indian Hills Community College coach.

What offers do you have right now?

"Arizona State, Northern Iowa, Indiana State, Albany, South Dakota State and Creighton, but Creighton's coach just left for Oregon, so we'll see what happens with that."

What colleges stopped by your school this week?

"I had Iowa, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Indiana, Boston College and Butler. I'm sure that I am missing a couple, but those were the main ones."

You visited with new Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery when you were playing at Iowa City last weekend in a tournament. How did that go?

"It went well. I met with the coach and his wife and basically, his wife did all the talking, It was interesting. I have never really gone into a head coaches' office and seen the wife there and have her basically tell all the stories. I thought that was pretty cool."

What are you working on to improve as a player?

"All aspects of the game. I need to start lifting more. I have not taken lifting very serious and my ballhandling, of course. Just overall strength and ballhandling. Just my first step is a key. Get my first step down. Be able to blow past the defender instead of taking one little step and having him right there. I just think that one big explosive first step is one of the biggest keys to the game."

Are you planning to go to any camps this summer?

"I don't think that I am going to go any camps, unless it is an Elite Camp. I know that Kansas told my AAU coach that they want me to go to their Elite Camp and that is all I have heard from now. I'm sure that I'll go to Iowa and Iowa State."

Your team had a good season this past year. Do you lose a lose a lot or do you have most of your guys coming back?

"Me and Wes ( both averaged around 16 points and we are both back for our senior year. We lost Evan Davis, who averaged around nine points, but he did all the dirty work. He rebounded and probably was one of our better defenders. He was just a role player. We needed someone to step up and take big pride in being a role player.

I know that you are hearing from Minnesota and Wisconsin. What are you hearing from them?

"I am actually coming back up Thursday to take an unofficial to Minnesota this week. Wisconsin, I went to a couple of football games there. They have not sent me too much stuff lately, but we'll see what happens with that."

What else are you hearing from Minnesota? I know that you had planned to go to game late in the season?

"I was going to get to a game, but I did not have time to. Just the season was all packed and my head coach did not want me to miss a practice to just take a day off and watch a game. I am going to be there Thursday and hopefully, I like it."

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