Both Minnesota 17s Eliminated in Jayhawk

Minnesota Fury Blue, which has quietly flew under the radar, defeated Kingdom Hoops to advance to the semifinals to face Compton Magic, where they lost to the California team. Howard Pulley Black, which has played without Joe Coleman who is sidelined with a foot injury lost to St. Louis Eagles, which will play in next week's Sabes Invitational.

Jayhawk Invitational Quarterfinals
K.C. Pump N Run over Dream Vision
St. Louis Eagles over Howard Pulley Black
Compton Magic over SYF
Minnesota Fury Blue over Kingdom Hoops

Jayhawk Invitational Semifinals
St. Louis Eagles over K.C. Pump N Run
Compton Magic over Minnesota Fury Blue

Jayhawk Invitational Finals
St. Louis Eagles over Compton Magic

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