Mark Scarpinato Gets Big Ten Attention

Mark Scarpinato, a 6-foot-3, 275-pound junior defensive tackle from Milwaukee (WI) Marquette, is one of the Midwest's top players. He helped lead the Hilltoppers to a 14-0 mark and a Division I state title. Scarpinato attended Minnesota's spring game last weekend. GoldenSports.Net recently caught with Scarpinato to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Mark Scarpinato recently made visits from Florida Atlantic and Florida International, Iowa, Northwestern and Wisconsin. He told GoldenSports.Net that he has had a busy spring.

"This is my first trip to Minnesota," Scarpinato said. "I've been to Wisconsin's spring game and a bunch of spring practices."

Scarpinato is hearing from a variety of schools.

"I have scholarship offers from Illinois State, North Dakota State, Wofford, Western Michigan and Indiana and most of the Big Ten schools I have been talking to."

Scarpinato has plans to attend several Big Ten camps this summer.

"Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern and Iowa, probably," Scarpinato said. "It is still a work in progress because spring evaluations have not been fully done. If there is a coach who comes and says ‘we really like you and need to come to a camp for an offer," I probably would go."

Marquette lost plenty of talent to graduation, including several players who will play college football this upcoming fall.

Next year, we return about five starters," Scarpinato said. "From that aspect, we are going to need to take our leadership and step it up, because there are going to be a lot of young kids on the team. But I am telling people, Menominee Falls, they were in our conference and I don't think that they have a single Division I football player on their team, but they play together as a team. That is the same way that we can do it. We can play as a team and we can get back there and defend our state title."

Scarpinato is getting looks from colleges on both sides of the field.

"Some are recruiting me as an offensive lineman," Scarpinato said. "Iowa and Wofford. But, most are as an inside defensive lineman; with three or one-technique. I play defensive end right now, but I know how college goes. You move in one or two positions."

Scarpinato said that he has no preferences on where he will play in college.

"Wherever I can play and help a team out the most," Scarpinato said. "There are certain aspects to both that I like. I played offensive line all my life until sophomore year, when they said they had an open spot as a defensive lineman. I played there. As an offensive lineman, you are the unsung hero. You get the All-American running back and no one mentions you and I like that because you fly under the radar. Defensive line, you can be a little flashier. Have some more sacks. Either way I just want to help the team out."

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