Kyle McAvoy Talks About Minnesota Visit

Kyle McAvoy, a 6-foot-6, 290 –pound tackle from Bloomington (IL) High, is one of the top players in the Midwest. McAvoy comes from a football family. His father played at Illinois, his old brother played at Michigan and his twin brother, Luke, is getting plenty of attention. The two visited Minnesota this weekend and GoldenSports.Net caught up with Kyle to learn about his visit and recruitment.

Kyle McAvoy helped lead the Purple Raiders to a 8-2 mark as a junior, losing to Oswego 28-26 in the first round of the Class 6A playoffs.

McAvoy, who bench presses 345 pounds, has scholarship offers from Illinois State, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ball State and Memphis. He is also an excellent student with a 4.7 GPA (on a 5.0 scale) and posted a 27 on the ACT.

Kyle and his brother made an unofficial visit to Minnesota Saturday. GoldenSports.Net caught up with him to learn the latest on the visit and his recruitment.

This was your first trip to Minnesota. How was the visit?

"It went good. They showed us around campus. They showed us all the facilities and talked to us for awhile. It went pretty good."

Have you had a chance to check out many campuses this spring?

"We've been to a handful. We've been to Northwestern for a practice. Michigan State for a practice. Iowa for a Junior Day. Illinois for a Junior Day. We visited Western Michigan. That is all we've gotten to so far."

Have you thought about what camps you would like to attend this summer?

"I wanted to make it to six of seven one-day camps, but because I recently injured my finger; I broke the tip of it, I don't know what exactly I'm going to be able to do at the start of the summer."

How did you suffer the injury?

"I was in the weight room, lifting weights and I smashed my finger in between two dumb bells."

When do they say you'll be back to 100%?

"I go back to see the doctor again in two weeks. He said that if my cat scan looks good that I can gets the pins out then. It still has to heal. It happened about a month ago."

Do you play any sports in the spring?

"No. In the spring, I just weight lift and in the winter, I wrestle."

How did you do this past season in wrestling?

"I got fourth in the state. I think I only had four losses"

Were many of the guys ahead of you seniors?

"The whole weight class was seniors, except for mer and another kid. So everyone ahead of me at state was a senior."

That has to make you feel good about your chances for next year?

"Yes, Definitely."

What is the main thing that is going to make you pick School A over School B?

"I'm really looking at the coaching staff as a whole. I don't want people I am not going to like for the next five years. That is definitely a big part of it. Tradition of the program is another big thing."

How about playing with your brother. How big would that be?

"That is pretty high up there. We want to try to go to school together for a couple of different reasons. That is a pretty big factor, but not a deciding one.

How many schools have offered you both a scholarship?

"Illinois State, Minnesota and Memphis have all offered me and Luke both."

Obviously, you have some ties with Micihgan as well since your brother went there. Is that a school that you guys are looking pretty hard at too?

"We are looking at it, but not as hard as some other schools. We are not ruling anyone out yet, but are kind of taking our own time."

What things are you working on to improve yourself as a player?

""Footwork. That kind of stuff. Bending. Staying low on blocks. Staying on blocks. Little stuff."

What positions are most teams looking at you playing in college?

"Almost all of them said that they can see me either at guard or tackle. I don't have a preference. I'll play wherever they want me to. None of them have said which side. They just say either guard or tackle."

Have you though much about what you'd like to major in at college?

"Probably something business-related. Business management or marketing or something like that."

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