Brent Stout Gets Minnesota Attention

Brent Stout, a 6-foot-1, 215-pound linebacker from Menomonie (WI) High, attended the Minnesota spring game in April. The three-sport athlete plans to attend the Gopher team camp in two weeks. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Stout to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Brent Stout helped lead the Indians to an 8-3 mark as a junior, losing to Merrill 13-6 in the second round of the playoffs. He played basketball for the 1-22 basketball and participated in several events for the track and field team.

What schools are you hearing from the most?

"BYU, Army, Harvard, North Dakota, Iowa State, North Dakota State, Southern Illinois, a little bit of Penn, Dartmouth. Some of those Ivy League schools are looking at me."

Besides the Minnesota spring game, did you make any other spring practices or game?

"I went to a Winona State practice."

What camps are you planning on attending this summer?

"I am going to the BYU camp next Saturday. As a team, we are going to the Minnesota camp. I am going to NSDU, maybe UND and Duluth. I am going to the Harvard camp."

What other sports are you playing?

"I play basketball and do track. I do a lot of things in track. I do shot and discus, high jump, triple jump, 300 hurdles, 110 hurdles and intermediate hurdles. I do a lot of things, so I have to rotate through the events. I love it, though. You are doing a lot of things and staying athletic."

How did you do in Track?

"I went to sectionals for shot put and I did pretty poorly, I would say. Other than that, I was at regionals and did pretty well there."

What are you working on to improve as a player?

"Speed and strength are the main ones. Getting quick feet and getting some strength in there, so I can make some hard hits. Just working hard in the weight room. Keep on lifting hard and staying intense and competitive. Keep on doing some agility work to get the hips. Keep the legs going. Everything, speed and strength and getting your body to move the way you want it too."

What are the expectations for your team?

"We will do fine this year, I think. I think we'll do decently. We have a strong team. We lost a good amount of seniors. We have just a couple of guys returning. We lost a lot of seniors."

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