Ross Travis Talks About His Recruitment

Ross Travis, a 6-foot-7 rising senior forward from Chaska, has picked up six scholarship offers and has attracted plenty of recruiting interest after a strong spring with 43 Hoops AAU program. Travis, who has been sidelined recently with a back injury, has recently attended games at Minnesota and Wisconsin. GoldenSports.Net recently caught up with Travis to learn the latest on his recruitment.

Ross Travis helped paced Chaska to a 17-12 mark this season, losing to Eden Prairie 68-50 in the section finals. He averaged 12.2 points per game. Travis scored in double figures in twelve of 18 games with two games of 20 or more points, including a season-high 23 points versus Farmington. Travis missed several games with a back injury (a stress fracture on the fifth lumbar).

Travis, whose father John Travis played on a talented Minneapolis Central team in the 70's that featured Greg Boone, William Henry, Greg Maddox, Duane Nelson, and Andre Griffin, has received scholarship offers from North Dakota State, Northern Iowa, Oregon State, Iowa State, Rice and Santa Clara.

He attended the Wisconsin game versus Penn State and the Minnesota-Air Force football game and the Gopher basketball games versus UMD and Ohio State.

GoldenSports.Net recently caught up with Travis to learn the latest on his recruitment.

What is the latest on your recruitment right now?

"I've got a little bit of letters from USC. Washington State said that I have been their top recruit so far. Washington. Boston College. I've been talking to them a little bit. They are starting to get more interest. Basically, I'm just waiting for the summer, since it is my second summer on the circuit officially. I think that my recruitment is going to start growing, so I am going to start narrowing colleges down after this summer."

Have you thought much about what camps you are going to try to go to this summer?

"I went to the Iowa State camp with a few Minnesota players. I got to play with some of the Pump N Run kids and really did good together. I liked playing with them along with my teammate Jake White. We played good together. Other than that, I know we have a Chaska team camp at Minnesota. I don't really have any other camps scheduled right now. I know Santa Clara wants me to come out for a camp, but I don't think that I am going to go all the way out there to the West Coast for a camp, so right now, my schedule is just open and I am trying to fill it in."

What are you working on to improve as a player this summer?

"Of course, my jump shot and dribbling. We had a recent point guard (Estan Tyler) switch teams and we are going to have to allow other people to handle the ball more, so all that wear and tear does not go off on our one point guard bringing it up the floor the whole game. So, me, Marquel (Curtis) and Freddie (Young) will be switching off running the plays on offense, so I definitely need to improve my ballhandling skills, my choices on the floor and stuff like that. Jump shot is improving."

What are the expectations for Chaska next year with you, Jake White and Max Watts returning and you are moving down a class, right?

"We are moving down a class. I'm not exactly really excited about that, but we still got to go out and play and deal with what you have. Hopefully, we'll do a lot better than we did last year, so I am pretty excited about this year."

You are still at six offers, right?

"Hopefully, I am expecting it to grow this summer. Hoping to have a big summer and get more offers and then narrowing it down."

Do you know what schools you definitely want to visit? Have you even thought that far ahead?

"Like I said, just as it grows, I'll narrow it down after the season, because I want to go into the school season knowing that I'll be going to a college and it will take a little pressure off and I can just go out on the floor and go out playing my game and not worry about the pressure of signing or anything. I'll be committed already. Just want to play for a team that plays transition; pushes the ball. I know Iowa and Iowa State have those new coaches and they says that is going to be their philosophy; pushing the ball up the floor and playing up and down a lot."

How was the visit to Iowa State. They have a new coach (Fred Hoiberg) like you said?

"Hoiberg. He is a really nice guy. I enjoyed playing at their camp. They've got a nice coaching staff and hopefully, me and Iowa State will stay in contact and see where it goes from there."

Have you ever talked to Jake or (cousin) Jonah (Travis) about playing together at the same school?

"No. Not really. I haven't really played with Jonah at all in my years playing. I don't know what either of their plans are, so that might be a thing to talk about in the future. I'm not sure."

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