Royce White Talks About his Future

Royce White, a 6-foot-9, 242-pound forward who did not play this past season after being charged with three counts of misdemeanor trespassing, scored 22 points in the opening game of Howard Pulley Summer League action. GoldenSports.Net caught up with White to learn the latest on his playing status.

Royce White was consider one of Minnesota top recruits last year after being named Mr. Basketball in 2009 and helped lead Hopkins to the Class AAAA title. He was expected to give to give the Gophers a physical frontcourt presence.

GoldenSports.Net was one of three media types to catch up with White after his game Monday night.

What is the plan?

"I'm keeping my options open. Probably going to look to return to school. I didn't want to go the "agent" way. They wanted me to make the jump. I went and worked out with Tim Grover (of Attack Athletics in Chicago) and he said with a good two, three months with him, I'd be ready. I fooled with it with my circle of people. I fooled with it a little bit. Tossed it around in my head, but I never decided that I wanted to do that."

What are the odds of you coming back here?

"Slim to none, at this point. As I know of. It's a them thing, not a me thing."

If you transferred, you would have to get a waiver?

"It's a whole big process. It's a crazy process. THE NCAA guidelines are crazy."

Are you going to play next season?

"Yes. Somewhere."

The odds of playing at Minnesota are not good?

"No. Not that I know of. I've talking to Coach Smith. I sat down and talked with him and we thought a lot about some stuff. Just talking. Having a conversation about everything. About three weeks ago. That's recent for me."

Have you thought about doing summer school?

"There are still some schools out there on the list that have July sessions. You can always do on-line course as long as summer schools goes, so there is no rush for that."

Even if you went to another school, you probably would not be eligible until the second semester, right?

"It would be either a Yay or Nay thing. Either, I'd be under the 24-hour requirement or the 12-credit requirement. Either I would need the 24 credits or I wouldn't need the 24 credits, I'll be considered a freshman again. It's up to them (the NCAA)"

Have you considered the juco route?


What do you need to get eligible?

"It is going to have to be a petition. With the extenuating circumstances with my situation, with me withdrawing second semester, I am technically under the 24-hour credit requirement. But because, I didn't actually attend any of my classes second semester, I would petition that I wasn't actually in school. I was just enrolled.

How tough was it to not be playing?

"It was tough. It was tough not to be playing full-time; real games and watching my team go through the season and have some ups and downs. The players having some up and downs on and off the court. It was tough, but that's how it goes."

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