Seantrel to South Beach

With top recruit Seantrel Henderson opting to join the Miami Hurricanes, the Golden Gophers are once again left without a commitment from the Cretin-Derham Hall standout. This might seem like an enormous loss but the rest of the 2010 offensive line recruiting class is poised to become a solid unit in the years to come.

After weeks of speculation, an apprehensive pledge to USC, and a decommitment due to an NCAA rules violation by the Trojans, top offensive tackle recruit, Seantrel Henderson, has decided where he is going to spend the next three-plus years. To the dismay of Gopher fans, the ‘Seantrel Saga' has finally ended without a letter of intent to Minnesota. Instead the Twin Cities native will suit up for the Miami Hurricanes next season.

Although Henderson would have been the crown jewel of Tim Brewster's recruiting class and a probable starter from day one for the Gophers, the Maroon and Gold have still landed a strong offensive line recruiting class for the 2010 season. Signing four offensive tackles, the Gopher line is poised to become a dominant force in the next couple years.

Leading the class is the second rated recruit out of Minnesota behind Seantrel Henderson, Jimmy Gjere. Gjere, a 6 foot 7, 270 pounder from New Brighton, Minnesota is the top commit for Coach Brewster for good reason. The tall, long tackle has the build and frame to be an ideal college lineman. At 270 pounds, Gjere will need to add more strength but this shouldn't be a problem given his large frame. One of Gjere's greatest attributes is his athleticism for his size. He has very quick feet and was routinely used to pull and lead block in high school. This will become a huge advantage at the next level where he will face much stronger and faster competition than he did at Irondale High School. Gjere's combination of size, skill and athleticism are sure to help him become an impact starter for the Gophers in the future.

The next incoming freshman for 2010 is Mark Lenkiewicz of Tinley Park, Illinois. The 6 foot 5, 240 pound tackle is a great addition to this class. One of the first things that sticks out about Lenkiewicz is the way he plays with a mean streak. Lenkiewicz seemingly loved to drive smaller opponents into the ground at the end of blocks. This ferociousness should help make up for his lack of size. At just 240 pounds, the biggest knock against Lenkiewicz is his lack of college size. This being said, having a full college weightlifting regimen will help Lenkiewicz gain the needed weight and strength to become a contributor. If Lenkiewicz can take a couple years to develop and bulk up he could easily find himself with regular playing time.

An underrated Gopher commit is Matt Eggen from La Crosse, Wisconsin. At 6 foot 5 and 285 pounds, the two-way starter in high school, has great size and athleticism. This helps him get to the second level of the defense and use his size take out smaller linebackers. Eggen gets good initial contact and does his best to finish blocks when he gets a hold of a defender. One area of improvement for Eggen is his agility, especially in pass coverage. This is easily obtainable for an athlete like Eggen. With improved agility, Eggen will be able to use his strength and athleticism at the college level.

The last member of the Gopher offensive line class is Jonathan Ragoo of Miami, Florida. The most impressing and noticeable thing about Ragoo is his enormous size. At 6 foot 7 and 325 pounds, Ragoo is an imposing figure. He uses his size effectively to stifle opposing linemen. Ragoo is effective in both the pass and run block which helps his overall game and potential to be a future contributor. The biggest weakness in Ragoo's game is mostly due to his size. His agility is below average but could improve immensely in time. With the right coaching, Ragoo could prove to be one of the steals of the 2010 offensive line class.

Although losing Seantrel Henderson, again, seemed like a huge blow to the Maroon and Gold, the four incoming recruits should help ease to pain of not landing the top offensive lineman in the country.

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