Westerhaus Narrows His Options

The Holy Family tight end hopes to have a decision by the end of the Summer. He has narrowed his favorites down to a top two and the Gophers are one of them.

Peter Westerhaus, a 6-foot-3, 225-pound tight end from Holy Family high school in Victoria, MN hopes to make a college decision before his senior season starts this fall.

Westerhaus has two favorites, Minnesota and Iowa State with Harvard as a distant third. "Right now I have offers from Minnesota, Iowa State and as much as Harvard can give, they can't give full rides, [so] those three schools," Westerhaus said. "My top two are Minnesota and Iowa State. Harvard are kind of still in there but I wouldn't say top three. I just kind of have them in the back thinking it would be pretty good to come out of Harvard with that education, but I know that the football at Minnesota and Iowa State are pretty good and I would love to be a part of something like that."

In the next month Westerhaus hopes to finalize his decision after taking a closer look at Minnesota and Iowa State. "Right now I'm kind of narrowing it down. I'm going to try to make a decision hopefully by the start of my season, August 11 or 12 sometime in that area. Later this month I am going to try to go down the University of Minnesota and Iowa State to see the things I haven't seen and form my thoughts and make a decision," he said.

The Minnesota Coaching staff is one of the main draws for Westerhaus. "I have a great relationship with the Gophers. I went down for quite a few spring practices and they offered me back in January and I'm talking with coach Cosgrove quite a bit, [and] I really like coach Lewis. I thought coach Lewis taught with a lot of passion and he looked like a great coach," he said. Iowa State has been putting in a late push for Westerhaus, "Granted, Iowa State has some qualities I like, too, and is kind of putting in the punch right now."

Another draw of the Gophers is the familiarity, "I like that it is home," he said. "I've also got some buddies on the team, I worked out with Mike Rallis for a few years."

Westerhaus feels his hands are what separate him from the rest, "I have always been told I have great hands," he said. "I also love to be physical. I've heard now days tight end is played like line backer almost, I love that."

"I would like to work on my blocking," he said. "I would like to become the most physical blocker I can possibly become." Westerhaus is driven to sharpen up his game all around, "I want to to work on some fine points like running routes, work on catching the ball on both sides equally, also, I'm constantly trying to work on my speed and my strength," he said.

Westerhaus is more than prepared academically, taking honors courses as well as some AP courses in the fall. "Right now I have a 3.77 [and] a 26 on the ACT," he said.

Once he makes his college decision is made Westerhaus will be able to concentrate on the upcoming season and the high goals his team has set. "Our first and foremost goal is we want to win conference. We have got a lot of guys coming back a lot of talent, [and] are going to work as hard as we can to win a state championship," he said, "Its going to be a fun season."

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