LaCosse Finds Home at Minnesota

Matt LaCosse has big plans for his time in Minnesota, on and off the field. The lanky tight end plans to major in business and hopes to help lead the Gophers to a Big Ten Championship. Read how LaCosse went from seeing Minnesota as a top three destination to seeing it as home.

Matt LaCosse, a 6-foot-6, 225 pound tight end from Naperville North high school in Naperville Illinois, one of three Gopher commits out of the land of Lincoln, was impressed by his visit to Minneapolis and the Minnesota campus. He felt so good about the situation that he committed shortly thereafter.

"I went up there for a visit and I was kind of looking them as in my top three but I wasn't sure," he said. "I thought I was going up there just to see what they have. I didn't even have the word commit in my head yet, I just went up there and I saw the facilities."

Three aspects about Minnesota prompted the athlete to commit, "I love their coaching staff, they're awesome guys. I love the offense they run. I love the chances of me playing semi-early. All those strung together made me want to commit," Lacosse said.

The facilities also impressed LaCosse. "[I] Got really excited about their new stadium, its really cool, [and the locker room is] 60 by 25 yards, its pretty awesome," he said.

LaCosse's commit, the third of coach Cosgrove's recruits, is a solid commit and any attention he was receiving from other schools has ceased, "they all kind of stopped communication after I told them I committed," he said.

A quarterback in high school, the Gophers are recruiting him as a tight end, and LaCosse foresees no issues with the transition. "I think its going to be fine," he said. "In situations [my high school coaches] put me at slot receiver or wide receiver and throw me jump balls. Right now I'm more of a receiving tight end. I'm fine catching the ball and running deep and everything, the biggest transition is going to be blocking for me. I need to gain a good amount of weight, muscle, so that I can start being effective at blocking, because right now I am used to just outrunning guys. Once get that down I'll be fine."

Naperville North welcomes a new coach this season and Lacosse sees his role as playmaker expanding. "We have a new head coach and new system. He's our defensive coordinator, our old head coach retired after 28 years. So our offense is kind of a spread option offense. [A] no huddle, which I love. It gives me a chance to do some stuff with the ball that I couldn't do last year. I think we are looking really good. We have another BCS Division I player on the other side of the ball, Nick Lifka, who is going to Boston College. So everything's looking great. We should have a real good season this year," he said.

LaCosse's goals in the classroom are impressive, "I'm looking to get a business degree, preferably like finance," he said. His goals as a Gopher athlete are even more impressive, "on the field, of course, winning a Big Ten championship and a National championship."

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