Westerhaus Pumped About Playing for the "U"

Peter Westerhaus couldn't resist the opportunity to play Big Ten football and his home state school. He hopes to make plays on and off the field and help lead the team to a Big Ten championship.

Peter Westerhaus couldn't fight the draw of playing in the Big Ten for his home state school. So last week he called up the Gopher coaches and gave them the good news. "I called coach Brewster and then I called coach Cosgrove and coach Lewis, and they were very excited," he said.

Even though Minnesota is his home, choosing between the Gophers and Iowa State was not easy. "It was a very tough decision for me when the time came," he said. "Iowa State is a first class program and I like a lot of things about what they had going, but Minnesota is a great place, we're building a championship team up here. Really I sat back and I thought about it, I prayed about it and it just came to me, this is my dream, to play in the Big Ten, my home state, win a Big Ten championship and I want to be a part of that."

The commitment will allow Westerhaus to adjust his focus toward his upcoming high school season. "Right now I'm just solely focusing on my senior high school season, hopefully we have a good year. [There is] a lot of anticipation a lot of guys returning, so its going to be a lot of fun," he said. "I really wanted to be able to focus on this final year, to go far, make a run, state championship hopefully and as much as I can just concentrate on my high school football."

Asked about his collegiate goals, Westerhaus responded with excitement, "I'm going to constantly be working for the team, so that our team can win a championship on the field," he said. Personally, his goal is to be a difference maker, "I want to become a playmaker, [and] my dream is to one day play in the NFL," he said.

Westerhaus also hopes to push himself off the field, "I hope to challenge myself with classes and come out of the "U" with a good degree, academically I want to really challenge myself," he said.

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