Gopher Hockey Roster Released

On Tuesday, The Golden Gopher hockey team released their roster for the 2010-2011 season.

The Gopher hockey team will have a new look this season. The team has added a total of ten freshmen joining a team that went 18-19-2 last season.

The large freshmen class can be attributed to the loss of five seniors as well as three underclassmen, Nick Leddy, Jordan Schroeder and Josh Birkholz.

The new Gophers should create some healthy competition for playing time. Keep a lookout for a profile of each member of the freshmen class. The entire Gopher roster looks like this:

2 Kevin Wehrs Defense 5-foot-9 182 Senior

4 Seth Helgeson Defense 6-foot-5 217 Sophomore

6 Jake Parenteau Defense 5-foot-10 188 Freshman

7 Patrick White Foward 6-foot-1 200 Senior

9 Taylor Matson Foward 6-foot-0 186 Junior

10 Aaron Ness Defense 5-foot-10 177 Junior

11 Mike Hoeffel Foward 6-foot-2 205 Senior

12 Justin Holl Defense 6-foot-2 180 Freshman

13 Nico Sacchetti Foward 6-foot-0 193 Junior

14 Tom Serratore Foward 5-foot-11 190 Freshman

15 Joe Miller Foward 5-foot-11 201 Junior

16 Nate Condon Foward 5-foot-11 195 Freshman

17 Jacob Cepis Foward 5-foot-8 170 Senior

18 Nick Larson Foward 6-foot-1 188 Junior

19 Erik Haula Foward 5-foot-10 184 Freshman

20 Mark Alt Defense 6-foot-3 194 Freshman

21 Jake Hansen Foward 6-foot-2 191 Junior

22 Max Gardiner Foward 6-foot-2 187 Freshman

23 Jared Larson Foward 5-foot-11 178 Freshman

24 Zach Budish Foward 6-foot-3 221 Sophomore

26 Jay Barriball Foward 5-foot-9 179 Senior

27 Nick Bjugstad Foward 6-foot-4 204 Freshman

28 Cade Fairchild Defense 5-foot-11 190 Senior

29 Nate Schmidt Defense 5-foot-11 199 Freshman

30 Jake Kremer Goalie 6-foot-1 194 Junior

33 Alex Kangas Goalie 6-foot-2 190 Senior

35 Kent Patterson Goalie 6-foot-1 193 Junior

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