Coach Brewster Impressed with Progress

On Friday, Coach Tim Brewster addressed the media to discuss the first week of practice, young players, and the upcoming season.

When asked his impressions of the first week of practice Coach Brewster responded, "I think we've had a good week and tomorrow is a very important day. It's a very important day for the development of our team to go out and situationally scrimmage. Really get a great evaluation of our young guys, and see of the young guys, the games not too big for them, hopefully."

He also said, "We will have a good idea after tomorrow, I think with the young guys, on who we think can contribute early. From that standpoint I think it's a very important day." Saturday, the Gophers will have an inner squad scrimmage that will give the coaches a chance to see players in a game-like situation.

Coach Brewster highlighted some young players that have been making a positive impression at practice. One young player that Brewster seemed very high on was freshman defensive back, James Manuel. Brewster said of Manuel, "Obviously James Manuel is a very gifted young football player. Now let's see how he plays tomorrow. Let's see how he plays in the scrimmage when he doesn't have a coach standing next to him trying to help him…"

Another area of optimism for Brewster was the young offensive linemen. "I really think that our young offensive linemen are really doing a nice job." He went on to explain that experienced linemen D.J. Burris and Ryan Wynn have missed some practice time recently and that, "Zac Epping and Mark Lenkiewicz were our centers and they both really did a nice job." The Saturday scrimmage will be a great proving ground for young players who are battling for playing time during the regular season.

Tim Brewster also emphasized that the team has been working hard in practice and should have a much better season than some people anticipate. Brewster said, "I feel very good about our team, I really do. I think that offensively our kids are working hard, were doing the right things. Defensively we're young, very young, but we're talented. You know, they're very eager, you know, and our special teams are solid." He went on to make the prediction. "We just may be able to surprise a few people this year."

If the team keeps continuing to improve on their strong start, Tim Brewster and the Gophers should have no trouble surprising multiple teams this season.

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