Mike Rallis is Confident

Starting linebacker, Mike Rallis, spoke with the media Tuesday about the Gophers' tough first game against Middle Tennessee State.

Middle Tennessee State's starting quarterback, Dwight Dasher, will not be playing in Thursday's game against the Gophers.

When asked if the change in quarterback will change the game, Rallis responded, "I don't think it's going to be different, you know, I'm sure they've got guy who will step in there and do a lot of the same things that [Dwight] Dasher does so you know, we're not going to, obviously, we're not going to take them any lighter. It comes down to whoever they have back there, we've got to do our job."

When the Gophers hit the field, it will be the first time a Big Ten team has played at Middle Tennessee State. This has the Blue Raiders and their fans buzzing.

Rallis said of the environment, "It's exciting, you know, it's going to be a great environment. I'm sure their fans will be ready and I know the team's going to be ready and I'm excited to get it going."

Many people have questioned the experience level of the defense and whether or not they will be able to perform.

When Rallis was asked about the questions the team has on defense, Rallis responded, "We're very confident in our abilities as a team. And we're aware of what people are saying outside and you know, we're a lot of new guys on defense. But we know what we can do and, you know, now it's about going out there and proving it to everyone else, but more importantly, proving it to ourselves. You know, I think once do we do that, guys will really start believing and we will start getting this thing rolling"

Rallis will lead a linebacking core against an explosive Middle Tennessee State offense tonight in Murfreesboro.

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