Sizing up the 'Yotes: Part 2

The Gophers have made a habit of playing FCS schools from the Dakotas in recent years. This year the Coyotes from the University of South Dakota come to Minneapolis for a border match-up with the University of Minnesota. caught up with Mick Garry from the Argus Leader to get his take on a team with nine Minnesota players.

Mick Garry from the Argus Leader was kind enough to answer some questions about the USD Coyotes for Gopher fans who might not know much about the team from Vermillion and what Gopher fans might expect. Can you talk a little bit about the defensive line?

Garry: "On the defensive line they had three guys who had played a lot of football who left last year. Kommonyan Quaye is a Minnesota kid who had a nice career down here, he was the anchor of that line for a long time. The guys they have got coming in, they don't really have a Kol Quaye."

"So the defensive line had some struggles against Central Florida. (Jesse) Weisbrod at tackle is probably the most talented defensive lineman right now, but they had a tough night against Central Florida and I think the coaches kind of anticipated that, given the lack of experience. So that would be a spot where the USD coaches would have a concern that the Gophers will try to exploit that a little bit."

GSN: Other than the players mentioned, are there any other playmakers?

Garry:"Will Powell is a nice receiver who's in his second year as a sophomore. They thought very highly of him [coming in] and he made a couple of nice catches against Central Florida and I would think that he would be one of the guys that they would hope to spring loose. They have two tight ends that are getting some NFL interest."

"London Landry is about 6-foot-5, 235 and Mitch Mohr is a little bit more physical. Both are considered some of the better players on the team. Defensively, they have a pretty experienced linebacking crew."

"A kid named Shea Williams has made some pretty good defensive plays and he is a guy they would have to pay some attention to, when he gets past that first wall of blockers he's pretty good at bringing guys down."

GSN: Playing a Big Ten team is going to be a tough job for the Coyotes, but Minnesota has shown some weaknesses against FCS teams. What is the one variable that you think could set the Coyotes up for a win against Minnesota?

Garry: "Well, anything can happen, but I don't see that as something that's really going to happen. If USD is looking at it, I would think they would say, first of all, the experience of going and playing a pretty decent division I program last week gives them a better view of what might happen and what's going to be different."

"Knowing that this is a higher level of football and having a better picture of the speed of the game and what they're going to have to deal. I think at some spots, the coaching staff would tell you, that they physically match up a little closer versus Central Florida."

"They're not as physical on lines up front as SDSU which is a reference for Gopher fans. They would need to get little bit of momentum and they would need to get a bunch of turnovers--the typical equation for an upset like that--those are the things they would need."

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