"It Hurts. It's Supposed To Hurt."

WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: Q: What is the feeling of the team? "Sick. We had chance after chance to win, and we just didn't make the best of the opportunities. No one is feeling good and there is no such thing as moral victory around here. So everybody is feeling pretty bad."

Q: Is it more frustrating when so many passes were so close to being big plays? "Yeah. We're right there, I just think it's time we step up and make those plays. Give credit to Auburn, they played great. But I think it's time for us as receivers and me as well step up and make plays."

Q: Coach talked about the dropped passes a lot? "Yeah, we just have to make more plays. We had opportunities that we just didn't capitalize on."

"I mean, as receivers everyone wants their role. We want it to where the quarterback has his choice to where he can put the ball anywhere, whoever is open can make the play. Right now we just have to make the play."

Q: How did Chris Relf throw the ball? "I think he did well, I think we all played well at times. And then there would be some plays there to be made that we just didn't make. We're just going to have to make them."

"The quarterbacks did their job. It really came down to us as receivers and we didn't make the plays that were there to be made."

Q: Is that part of going from playing Memphis to playing Auburn? "Yeah. Well give credit to Auburn, but if we make those plays then it's a totally different outcome right now."

Q: When the on-sides kickoff was recovered was the offense thinking to strike now? "Yeah, pretty much."

Q: You guys had momentum there, what made it go away? "It goes back to not making the best of the opportunities. We just have to make more plays."

"Like Coach Mullen will tell you, every time on offense our job is to make two first downs, just so we can get something going, also so we don't put the defense in a bad situation. About three drives in a row we didn't do that."

Q: It's been an intense spring, preseason, and first two games. Will a long weekend help get relaxed and then ready for LSU? "Yeah, we need it. We've got to get back to what we do. And the coaches will get us ready for the LSU game. But this weekend is much-needed."

LINEBACKER CHRIS WHITE: Q: What adjustments did you make at halftime to shut them out the second half? "We really didn't make any adjustments. We just played better defense."

Q: How tough a challenge is Cam Newton? "Oh, he's definitely fast. And he's definitely a good quarterback, no doubt about it. You've got to worry about him running the ball, throwing it, so he's definitely a double-threat quarterback. He's big, you see it on film but when you're our there you look at him and he's definitely big."

Q: The defense was able to make more contact and put him down after halftime? "He does a good job of getting down, I guess to protect himself, so you can't really hit him as much as you want to. But he's a pretty smart runner."

Q: Was there any time offensively they were making any kind of adjustments? "No, actually last year they did a lot more tempo. This year was like really slow compared to last year, we were kind of surprised at that. It wasn't hard to play with the tempo."

"We've just got to come out here and work hard next week. We have to put this behind us."

SAFETY NICKOE WHITLEY: Q: What was the difference on defense in the second half to cut down big plays? "We got our gameplan and got where we could stop them."

Q: Did you have a good read on the pass you intercepted? "Yeah, I just got deep and played my assignment and it came to me. Everything I did was what they told me to."

Q: You watched last year when Auburn scored 49, so the defense should feel it is making progress? "Yeah, we played good. We should have won the game, we have to come out and play harder next week."

"This is in the book now, it's in the past and I'm not worried about this one."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR MANNY DIAZ: Q: Newton seemed to be caught but somehow was able to make a play happen? "Well, he's a hard guy to tackle. I think we're disappointed with our pass rush, Coach (Chris) Wilson stressed all week about the guys up front not rushing-by the quarterback and I thought we did that too many times. I thought we gave him easy escape lanes too many times. You do that to any quarterback they're going to punish you, and he did that keeping drives alive. Those are things we can control that were disappointment."

Q: In the second half did you feel you did a better job against him? "Well, the scoreboard shows they didn't score. Obviously we played our defense better. The one thing we want our kids to take from this is when we do our stuff, generally speaking things will work out good for us. But these teams we're playing are too good to help and we were too generous in the first half of the game."

Q: They had little success with the running backs until late? "Right. I can't fault our kids' effort, how we played, the toughness. This team fights for Dan Mullen, that's obvious. But we have to have that finish. And even on that last drive, we blocked the field goal but we let them drive down the field and run all that time off the clock. We can't fault our kids' effort but we've got to put our offense in better position than what we have this game."

"Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. We've got to get the confidence to make those plays in those kinds of environments."

OFFENSIVE GUARD QUENTIN SAULSBERRY: Q: Auburn was able to get pressure in the first half? "Their D-line is real good, good ballplayers. They were disciplined in the things they had to do, they made plays. And we didn't make plays. We've just got to capitalize and go back and get back to the fundamentals and do them."

"We'll take care of that, because it was mental mistakes in things we work on. It shouldn't happen, but things happen."

"And that was our plan, to come out the second half and score and let our defense get a stop. And we didn't make plays. Auburn is real good, SEC, they made plays and that's what they're supposed to do."

"It hurts. It's supposed to hurt. It's going to happen, we don't want it to happen. And I told guys we have to suck it up we've got a whole season and can't let this one game get us down."

Q: What sticks out as things you have to focus on for LSU? "Try to work on being consistent. Eleven guys out on the field, eleven guys got to do their job. It can't be ten, it can't be nine. And it's not the same person every time. We've got to be consistent, it's SEC ball and you have to be consistent."

"We've got to use that time to get healthy. Coach repeated it to us, it was a short week and we worked hard to get this gameplan. But we have to continue to work, get back to the fundamentals and do what we do."

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