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Twany Beckham is heading into his redshirt sophomore season as a Mississippi State Bulldog after having to sit out last season due to an injury. And with Dee Bost's status still up in the air, Twany is the leading candidate to replace him as MSU's starting point guard. Twany talked one-on-one with Gene's Page about the point guard position, what he will bring to the team, and several other things.

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What was wrong with you injury-wise and when did you get completely healthy?
"I had bone spurs on both of my hips. I found out after my surgery that my father has bone spurs in his feet, so I guess it's something that I got from him."

What did they hav eto do to take care of the bone spurs?
"They go in and shave the bone down. I have my surgery on video. It's pretty neat how they did it."

Are you 100% yet?
"I wouldn't say I'm 100% yet but I'm pretty close. I'm about 90%."

When do the doctors expect you to be 100%?
"There's not really a timeframe. It's according to how my body works and what my body tells me each day."

What can you do right now?
"I am doing everything."

You can do all the conditioning, all the weight lifting?
"I can do everything. It's just the healing process right now but I can do everything."

As of now, it looks like you will be State's starting point guard. What are your thoughts about that? Basically, you are going to lead this team because that's what a point guard does.
"It's exciting. And I'm a natural born leader. I feel like, from day one, I should have been the starting point guard, so I'm ready for the challenge."

Point guards can score but they aren't really supposed to be the scorer on the team. They are supposed to be the guy who helps their teammates make plays. That's more the type point guard you are, isn't it?
"Yeah, I'm a passing point guard. I love to pass. Passing is my first priority. I love to get my teammates involved and see them score. I'm really happy when I make a good pass that allows my teammate to score. But I like to score in transition when it presents itself. I'm not a scoring-first point guard, but I can score. And I will show that this year. But I love to pass the ball."

There are a lot of guys on this team that can really score or really shoot the ball. As a point guard, it must excite you to know there are so many options for you when it comes to passing to guys who can score?
"Yeah, we have a lot of people who can put the ball in the hole. We have Renardo (Sidney) on the post. I don't think anybody in the country can stop him."

The way folks talk him it almost appears that Renardo, if you removed his shirt, you would see a S for Superman. Have you seen a big guy as good as him?
"No, he's the best player that I have ever played with. He can get to the rim and dribble the ball down the court and get his own shot. And if you throw it to him in the post he can score at will."

Obviously, Barry Stewart and Jarvis Varnado are gone. How will this team make up the difference for Jarvis' defense and Barry's offense and defense?
"It's going to be hard to replace Jarvis Varnado. Nobody on our team can block shots like that. So, it's going to be one of those things where we will have to do more as a team, We can't get beat backdoor this year. Last year, we had Jarvis back there. But this year we don't, so we are going to have to focus more on not getting back backdoor."

So, the guards will have to focus more on their defense this year. Are you focusing more on defense in the 4 on 1 early morning practices?
"Right now, we aren't doing a lot of defensive stuff. That will come more when we start practicing. Right now, we are doing a lot of working out, shooting the ball, ball-handling."

Of the new guys, who do you think will surprise the MSU fans? Exclude Renardo when talking about the new guys. He appears to be on another level when it comes to players.
"I think Jalen (Steele) will. Jalen kind of reminds me of the guy who was a freshman at Vanderbilt last year and shot the ball really well. Jalen can shoot that good."

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