Scouting: Morton vs. Choctaw Central

The Morton Panthers picked up a big win on Thursday night with a strong defensive effort led by 2012 top 100 prospect Quay Evans. While Evans was doing his job on the defensive front wall, the Panther offense found their groove late in the second quarter and never looked back.

Taveze Calhoun - Wide receiver Morton: Calhoun spent his time last season behind center. With the emergence of an underclassmen quarterback, Calhoun is back out wide at his natural position of recevier.

Calhoun is one who is flying under the radar a bit. He was injured early on in the game against Hazlehurst and just returned to action on a part time basis last night.

Taveze may have been the Panther's top offensive weapon a season ago as a junior, but now that he is getting healthy he could easily turn into the deep threat the team needs.

In limited action, Calhoun showed some good route running ability and the speed to run by the defense. He has a great attitude and a very competitive nature. He wants to win and he will work hard to help those around him get better.

Keep an eye on him as the season rolls along.

Za Reese - Cornerback Morton: This was the third time I have had the chance to see Za in action, but only the first time in pads.

He is still very raw in his development, but he has a lot to work with. He has good instincts when the ball is in the air and he closes well on the would be receiver.

Reese has long arms and the frame suited for the position. With some time in the weight room, he would have no problem lining up across from some of the bigger receivers that are in fashion these days.

Change of direction is an area for improvement, but that is something that could be corrected during a redshirt year.

Larrin Kincaid - Slot receiver Morton: Knicaid is a fun player to watch. He lacks the size to be considered a major college prospect, but he is a very good high school player who may find a home at a lower level because he has some explosiveness about him.

Larrin can return kicks, line up in the slot as a receiver, take the jet sweep, be the pitch man in the spread option or possibly play corner in the right system.

Quay Evans - Defensive tackle Morton: Quay came into the season with a considerable amount of hype and last night he lived up to the lion's share of it.

The 2010 season has started a little slow for Evans, but he really got things going on Thursday evening. He recorded close to double digit tackles including four for loss.

Perhaps the play of the night took place late in the second quarter with Choctaw Central driving for the go aghead score.

Evans shot the gap and hammered the running back just as he was getting the pitch. The ball shot up into the air where Quay grabbed and rumbled 45 yards back to mid field.

The next play brought a touchdown pass on a fade route to Calhoun that staggered Choctaw Central.

Quay has the ability to dominate a game, but he picks his moments. When he is determined to stop the offense, a negative play is coming.

He sheds blocks well and gets push into the backfield most plays. At time he over runs the play, but that just comes from being agressive.

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