We Can't Wait For Somebody Else To Make Plays

QUARTERBACK TYLER RUSSELL: Q: Were you ready to jump right in when Chris Relf went down? "Yeah, Coach Mullen does a good job of preparing me and Chris to play. I knew sometime in this game I was going to get my opportunity, I just didn't know when. You have to be ready because you never know, one play and you're in there."

"Coach prepares us both to play. We share reps in practice, so I'm ready to go in whenever he needs me. People say that's kind of hard because you can't get momentum going but that's something I did in high school when I was a sophomore, it was a two-quarterback system too. I'm used to it."

Q: You enter and the first play call is a pass, what were you thinking? "I wasn't thinking anything. I saw Chris go down and I knew I had to warm up quick. Going out I wasn't expecting the first play to be a pass, and I don't think the defense was expecting it either. That's why it worked. From there we kept moving the ball."

Q: You made some plays with your feet in that drive, too? "I did, I'm not the running type but I wanted to get in there and run the ball some against LSU."

"You know, LSU is probably the toughest place to play and I got that out of the way. I did some things good and I did some things I need to work on. But overall we just have to work better and take it from there."

"I knew I wanted to go in there and take some hits and I think I got hit pretty hard tonight. But I'm OK."

Q: Were you switching protections a lot? "Yeah, that's something you have to do as a quarterback. Coach puts you in one protection and they bring out some other ways, you have to re-direct the protection. It's loud out there and sometimes you can't hear, so you just have to go with it and hope everybody gets it."

Q: Did you think the game was changing after you scored in the third quarter? "I think we had some momentum going. The defense did a great job tonight holding them to field goals, and that's what you ask your defense to do as an offensive unit. But it's our job to put the points on the board. We weren't able to do that tonight and that's something we have to work on and get better at."

Q: Did you feel LSU decided to ratchet-up their defense? "I think so. I'm not the fastest guy so when I'm in there the defense is probably going to blitz me. I think I did a pretty good job of re-directing the protection and stuff like that. I think as an offensive unit we just have to get better and everybody be on the same page. Because as you see it just takes one play and you throw a pick."

Q: The bandage under your chin, what happened? "I really don't know, I think it was when my helmet came off and they hit me. But you just have to bounce-back from that."

"The interceptions, those were on everybody. But as a quarterback I'll put it on my back and it's something I've got to bounce back from."

LINEBACKER K.J. WRIGHT: Q: Did LSU just turn it up a notch after State scored on them? "No, they just did what they'd been doing the whole game. But defensively we knew if we had made that stop it would have been a complete change in the game. We just didn't execute on that series."

Q: How much trouble did Jefferson give you running and passing? "He's a good player, he can run and pass and we knew that coming in to the game. He just hit some good plays on us and we didn't execute."

"We knew they were going to run sideways and we stopped that, we just have to work on our downhill run defense."

Q: The defense had to feel somewhat good about holding LSU to field goals with the bad field position in the first half? "Well, that's just something we expected to do. We knew we couldn't let them in the end zone, but we have to find a way to create turnovers instead of giving them three points."

Q: After you got that touchdown in the third quarter, what did LSU scoring right back do to you? "That was a big momentum change for us. We knew we had to score on the first drive and we did; that was a big boost for us. We just have to find a way on the defensive side to keep them from scoring and keep the momentum going."

Q: What will it take for you with the schedule you play to win on the road? "We just have to find a way to win. The defense has got to just hold our opponents and give the offense better position to score. We know what we're capable of and we just have to execute as a team."

SAFETY CHARLES MITCHELL: Q: After getting within 12-7 what happened? "We stopped making stops. We gave up a couple of touchdowns and we hurt the offense. Right after we scored they came back and scored on us, and we felt we hurt the offense. We didn't feel we did our job."

Q: What made them effective on third downs in the first half? "They just executed better than we did during that time. We just couldn't make the plays."

"We didn't finish the second half. We couldn't make the stops that we were making the first half and they started running north-and-south. And we weren't getting the turnovers that they were getting."

Q: Jefferson had his struggles the first two games, were you surprised how effective he was tonight? "Yeah. We watched film, we thought he wasn't going to be as effective as he was. Like I said, we couldn't get the turnovers that we wanted to make and we couldn't execute our defense the way we wanted to. We want to be a big-play defense and that comes from creating turnovers and scoring points on defense, and we couldn't do that tonight."

Q: Is it frustrating to feel that if you don't make mistakes this is a very close game? "Yes, sir. We feel like the reason that we lose is simple things that we do. The mistakes, a couple of turnovers."

OFFENSIVE GUARD QUENTIN SAULSBERRY: Q: Did this come down to turnovers? "Yes, it came down to turnovers, mental mistakes on offense, a lot of protection errors. We didn't make the plays as an offense. The defense stuck it out but we didn't make the plays we're supposed to make."

Q: How tough was their defensive line to handle? "I mean, it's SEC and you don't expect nothing more and nothing less. Good players, fundamentally sound. We can't control what they do, we have to control what we do."

Q: Did they bring more people the second half? "The preparation we had, we knew what they were going to bring. We just didn't execute that. It's not a fact of how many people they bring, just that we have to prepare more. Like Coach Mullen says, we have to study their defense, know your opponent. Just little small things, pay attention to details."

Q: This line has four starters, are you scratching your heads about things? "Not much of scratching our heads. We've just got to find something within ourselves. We've been fighting all off-season long and we always say we play as a unit and play together. But we have to find that. We've still got a long season ahead and we have to capitalize on our mistakes, you know, look at our mistakes and do what we have to do as a team."

Q: You saw what happened when Chris and Tyler had time to make plays? "Right, right. And that goes back on us. The O-line has to put it on our backs. We can't look around and wait for somebody else to make plays, we have to make plays."

Q: The momentum went away pretty quick, what happened? "We came out and knew we had to score. The defense was playing their hearts out. And we told them they made the stop, we'd go out the second half and score; and they'd go back out and make another stop we'd score again. But we didn't do those things. We have to go back and watch film and look at the things we messed up on and correct them."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR MANNY DIAZ: "Field position was a factor obviously all night. I thought the kids again were resilient in the red zone, especially in the first half. But really I thougth the turning point was the drive after we scored the touchdown. And the kickoff went out of bounds and they had the ball on the forty; I thought letting them score that really hurt our chances of winning the football game. So it was another week where you're going to have to let the kids know that the effort was good and you can sort of see the bright future ahead; but they're sort-of letting the opportunities slip by. That's why they're disappointed and we just have to continue to get better."

Q: When LSU went north-south instead of side-to-side was when they were effective? "This is just a coach talking, but I felt when we helped LSU, LSU moved the ball. When we did what we were supposed to do we made it hard on them. That's not taking credit from them, I thought they ran hard and made plays when they had to. But there were a couple of plays there in the third quarter where we just weren't where we were supposed to be. And LSU is going to punish you if you're not where you're supposed to be."

Q: Was it what Jefferson was doing or some things you missed on? "I thought they tried to protect him. I thought they tried to make it simple for him, which they ought to. That's a good football team, now, and they have an outstanding defense. They're going to put a lot of people in bad field position because they can really play. And I don't think they're going to need to score 40 points to beat a lot of people this year. So I thought Jefferson did a good job of just managing the game for them."

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